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Stark's Sportscar - Police Mod
Published 4 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
Original model by SpeedRacer. http://mecabricks.com/en/models/kLyjWkbBjJr
I just made a few adjustments and policified it.
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4 years ago
My first render with the advanced script. Rendered at about 1300 samples. Took 26 hours!
I wish I would have turned down the dirt/fingerprints on some of the pieces but what is done is done.
4 years ago
You know you can only re-render part of it. You just need to assemble the re-rendered pieces using the compositor or just gimp/photoshop/...

I use that quite often. Also to preview small portions of interest before I launch full rendering.
You shall have tried with 600 samples. I think it would have done the job and cut by 2 the render time.

Anyway, It is really cool!
4 years ago
@Scrubs Yeah I already had to do that for a mistake I had made with editing one of the decorations but after all the post processing I did in GIMP I don't really feel up to redoing it. I will however be careful in the next picture I am going to be doing and preview just parts of it like you said to do. My next picture should be done in the next week or so. Your template is just so awesome!
4 years ago
Awesome render MalMan! Love the cinematic feel. I think my favorite part has to be the garage door though, just because of the rippled reflection.
4 years ago
@Masman8675 Thanks! I'm glad you noticed the cinematic feel. I have been learning a lot about color correction and color grading so that was the feel I wanted to shoot for. About the rippled reflection in the garage door, you can thank Scrubs for that cause that realistic effect was a result of the advanced script!
4 years ago
I've been learning a little about it lately as well, it really helps.

I already have, trust me!
I'm really glad he added that, it looks amazing and makes it way more realistic.
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