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Andrew Lacard's Backstory, Chapter 4: Italian Front
Published 2 years ago
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AL: Now, the funny thing is, this time I was late to the war; I finally got drafted in 'bout March of '43, two years after Japan pulled a big oopsie by provokin' the mighty power of 'Merica. When I was set to go and shoot Krauts yet again, I thought i'd have the pleasure of goin' with the cool boys on the invasion up in France they were plannin', but that ended up happenin' a year later, and I was sent to go help the Brits and Canadians attack good ol' Musso and the Italians, but more importantly the Germans that were dug out in there as well. It wasn't as exhiliratin' as the last war, and there was a lotta climbin up hills n' mountains, but it wasn't all too bad, cuz I made a few friends along the way. You see that guy on my right? That's my buddy George Irwin, but ya might know him more if I told ya he was Tommy's dad. Yeah, we went through the entire campaign as bros, doin' all sorts of stuff, like rattin' out Krauts, blowin' up tanks, commitin' "war crimes"....actually, that last one was just me. George and the other guys didn't like it too much, but I had habits of not takin' prisoners, and I shot and killed a whole tonna people, from surrenderin' soldiers to even civilians; but, I mean, it's WAR. People die, get OVER it. In fact, probably cuz we WON, I never got in any trouble for any of that stuff. So it musta been okay, right? RIGHT? Ah, whatever. But yeah, me and George both made it mostly intact from South to North Italy, just in time to hear the great news that Adolf did somethin' right and killed himself, and thus endin' the war in Europe. After hearin' that, well, it was a long two anda half years, and me and George and whoever else was left figured it was 'bout time that our job there was done.....until....well..

U.S. Base, Northern Italy, Late 1945:

General: "ON YOUR FEET, men. ATTEEEEN.....TION!!!"

Everyone: "Huh, wha...what's wrong...ah...?"

George: "Are we going home?"

General: "Now NORMALLY, I'd be saying 'yes' except that we've just received info from our spotters that some Krauts are still holed up near our territory, so we gotta go and clear 'em out. You all need to get yer sleep and prepare for one LONG day tomorrow.

AL: Well, tell yer spotter to get his eyes checked, cuz we just finished cleanin' up the country. Shouldn't be anymore Krauts around for miles...

General: That's the THING, Sergeant. It ain't exactly IN Italy.

AL: Then WHERE is it, CHINA??

General: Not that far, boy....just make sure to pack your climbin' gear for the mornin'....

......cause we're headed for the ALPS.....

Next Part: Coming Soon....

(Commentary: Obviously, I don't approve of committing war crimes (actually, there were actual instances of U.S. soldiers killing civilians and prisoners of war specifically in the Italian campaign, which inspired this attribute), but this is a very essential part of his character, as you'll see why it matters later on in the climax...but oh boy, this next chapter is going to be big, I mean, it's already lagging my computer XD...)
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2 years ago
I can't wait to see where you're going with this. :thinking:
2 years ago
That's scene is incredible!
I like how you're going with this!
2 years ago
Wow...this gets more and more strange and interesting.
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