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Ant-Man…‘s Head! (What If…? Episode 5)
Published 1 month ago
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Scott Lang’s head in a jar, after he was de-zombified!

(I’m not sure how he survived, since a ZOMBIE can live without circulating blood… but an ordinary human head can’t).

Anyway, still a hilarious scene!
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I don't think you understand, he got turned into an un-zombie, so he's automatically fine.
1 month ago
Justy - Ever seen Curse of the Black Pearl? Once the “undead-ness” leaves his body, the wounds would catch up to his human body and cause fatal damage. How is he supposed to breathe without lungs, or speak without a full throat?
1 month ago
*feigned shock* WOW. You just have ALL THE ANSWERS… don’t you?
1 month ago
FB - Thank you! (Hopefully you’ve seen What If…?, otherwise this would just be confusing…
also, I managed to convince anon that people were buttered pieces of toast.

you can ask him, it's true!
1 month ago
@wiz, yeah we're watching it its just we didn't watch the zombie one for family reasons
1 month ago
one of my favorite scenes in the entire episode
1 month ago
CF - Thanks! And yeah, it was pretty great.
1 month ago
I would KILL... to have Scott's head in a jar! At least then I'll have a chance of hitting a strike while bowling.
1 month ago
Yo, whats up?? It's me Ant Man's head!!

1 month ago
Awesome I'm working on a What If...? Episode 5 project too. The prints are taking awhile though.
4 weeks ago
Hey, with my patrol when I was a zombie we tried to get into a house to eat something pink, ow! sorry zombie joke :v
4 weeks ago
Awesome! I loved this episode-it probably has to be my favorite one so far.
I thought the whole concept was really funny, mostly because Scott acted as his pure self-as if he wasn't just a head in a jar.. XD

Also, has anyone kept count of how many times Vision has died?!
3 weeks ago
Nice work, though I do think you should've added the Cape of Levation.
3 weeks ago
I meant Cloak of Levitation.
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