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1 YEAR ON MB!!!!!
Published 1 month ago
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Cha Cha Cha

Today, my dear friends. Is my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ON MECABRICKS!! Thank you, Thank you very much. I know that I have left the social side of MB... but I am still here to post my story, my models, and my junk that I make out of LEGO (XD)

My story is kind of a boring one, I started MB when I found a link to it on LEGO ideas. Somebody had said that the render they made was on MB, so I checked it out. At first, I had been using LDD so I had no clue how to use Mecabricks workshop. I watched a couple tutorials, played around on it a bit, and then finally realized that the arrow to move it went both ways instead of just one
The first piece I ever added into the workshop... Was... *drumroll please* Jabba The Hutt's lower half!!! Hooray Hooray, Encore Encore!! Yeah well, that was anticlimactic. (Fun fact, if you want to say Hooray in Ewok, just say Yub Nub!!) I then messed around building mostly marvel and harry potter figs... But got into star wars some too. The first tools I learned to use was snap and clone. (get it, clone? No okay)
The next part of the story comes when I asked my dad to make me an account so I could save my models that I made. I posted my first model, https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/b82xdq4k21z The grinch and Max stealing the millenium falcon.
I then posted more and more, And then, that change in my MB life came... when somebody commented on one of my models for the first time. 1ObSiDiAnFuRy commented "WHEN YOU NEED HELP STATE FARM IS THERE!" On my Who you gonna call model, https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/BLvGgAd9vGy
I then tried to make better and better models so that people would comment on them. I made custom figs, entered contests, but not much more. I made a couple of LEGO ideas models but that was really it. I got myself a sigfig, Legolas. And then later changed it to this. https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/KbjQAnDJjdG
I also made the first real model I made since I got on MB https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/BLvGmMBz2Gy
I then started making more models that were buildable IRL
They still had clipping but they were better than just figs. I don't have anything against figs, and that is still probably my favorite things to do, I just needed to switch it up a bit.
About a month later, I reached 1k views https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/GejeqPb3jKX
Around that same time, a guy who made radagast's home from the hobbit didn't have a fig to go with it... so I built him one. Couple days later, I was checkin out his build on LEGO ideas, and in Updates, there my fig was rendered by him and actually on LEgo IDeas. After that I made more friends my sister started the weird club, I was vice president for a while. I got my first model on the front page, it didn't mean that much though because it was somebody else's model. Closer to the present time, I built a massive mining outpost and that actually made it on the front page! Also I started rewriting my Star wars story. Thanks to a lot of friends, I have now made it to,...
157 models, 1k likes, 6.9k views, 2 renders and 2 models on the front page!

Now, for the acknowledgements.

WizardBuilds1: Now that I look back on it, I haven't really known you for that long... But you still are one of my top besties on MB. You are a fellow Marvel/Harry Potter and lord of the rings geek and I loved talking with you about that. You are truly, a great guy who is only a month older than me XD.

Justyouraveragebuilder: You are probably one of the users I have known the longest. Funny in a quirky way. I was helped quite a bit from your advice, from Jango Fett pixel art, to the mining outpost. You love to help and you are great to hang out with.

Lax_Swag5: Though I didn't always agree with you disciplinary attitude, you are a great help when it comes to learning the mysterious ways of mecabricks. Your spell checking always brightened my day, (unless it was me you were checking XD) you are also a very loyal friend.

Avem_Studios: Fellow Mando builder and clone commando geek extroidinare, a marvel lover stop motion lover friend, and a great custom printer. Loved doing business with you, even if nobody wanted Mando's. Also a great helper.

KingofAce: The man of many names. Otherwise known as Kalmar, RedFlame49, KingofAce or sticky. A phenomenal rocky terrain builder, also a great friend. He is a helper too. He is helping render my mining outpost for LEGO ideas.

Jaze_Dragon: Haven't talked much, but when I did, it was a fun experience. You are a great fellow sketcher even though I draw Star wars you draw tigers. I also found out that you use MathUsee? I used to use that.

The_An0nym: A great animator, a story builder and a good judge of quality (I won his contest XD) Still as mysterious as ever, but still a great guy/boy/creepyoldman. Even went to the extra work of pming me each animation he made.

Snuffles: It is kind of mean to call you a pet... So I will just call you a friend. Gold lover, mechsuit rider, dirt bike wheelie popper, and a furry ball of fun.

Greenflame24: A God fearing, college going (I think) Good young man. Funny, good lego builder, and a fun guy (get it, Fun guy, fungi, his name is green... No? Okay)

Operator011: Don't know you that well, but you helped me out with my lego Photos so a quick thank you is in order

If I forgot you don't feel offended I just don't have a great brain XD

Now... If you might have noticed, each of you are riding an iNterEStInG VehICLE.
here are the things you are riding.
Wiz: Mecabricks 2000
Justy: Justyouraveragemaneatinggreatwhiteshark
Avem: Jet Duck
KingofAce: your weird darkness powers XD
Jaze: Dragon Fire Jet boots
Anon: Animateboard
Snuffles: Gold Rush 3000
Sig Fig 1 Legolas: Shield (Who knows what that is from XD)
Sig Fig 2 Unnamed: Bicycle
Me: Whoever figures out the significance behind the car I am in gets a free render of their choice. Hint: it is not an MB thing.

Thank you all for helping me get this far, you are all great.

P. S. Gold27, if you are out there, please don't yell at me because I didn't add you.
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1 month ago
congrats!! and yes, I go by many names, let's see...ah!! Kalmar, Nighttheif, Redflame49, BlackFlame49, KingofAce, Stickie,
and I'm trying to finish those renders, but I've been really busy, and it's Saturday, which means football, so I haven't been on much,
1 month ago
Happy Borfday, Slim!
1 month ago
Thank you both!! Also, thank you for the render KoA!!
1 month ago
Congrats! Thanks for the kind words!! I don't recall having to check your spelling
1 month ago
Thanks you guys!

P.S. It was when I said lego instead of LEGO XD
1 month ago
In the words of SlimBrick1 when acknowledging his friend Greenflame24, "A God fearing, college going (I think) Good young man. Funny, good lego builder, and a fun guy (get it, Fun guy, fungi, his name is green... No? Okay)".

...that... literally... (your sister is going to kill me one day for using too many dot dot dots...)... is... the... most... PERFECT AND HOOOOOLARIOUS AKNOWLAGEMENT I"VE IVER READ!!!!

Wow... that was bad O_O... WHOOOOOO CARES
Thanks bro, and CONGRATS!!! It's been great, amazing, super good, and a bunch of other redundant phrases to have you around!
1 month ago
XD Well, I didn't know that was going to be so perfect XD
Thank you!
1 month ago
HAPPY 1 YEAR, BUDDY! It’s been an honor to be your friend.

Glad you’re still with us. LONG LIVE THE FREAK!!!
1 month ago
P.S., thanks for the acknowledgement!

(But you forgot an important user—YOUR SISTER.
1 month ago
Thank you very much! Me too

(Nope, I didn't want to mess with all her articulation points. She has a lot of pieces on her sig)

P. S. It autocorrected sig to dog XD
1 month ago
Nobody has tried to figure out why I am riding that truck : disappointed:
1 month ago

but... *cries like a little boy* you FORGOT ME!!!
1 month ago

But like I said, my brain is not very functional XD

Here is an acknowledgment for Cole:
Cole08: An inventive friend, known for taking random peoples pets and incorporating them into a story XD A good guy, and a helper to new users. Likes to make friends no matter who (or what) they are.
1 month ago
thanks, bro!
1 month ago
1 month ago
Greetings Slimbrick. You don't know me, but, congrats on 1 year! DM if you'd like to talk. : )
1 month ago
Thank you! (I am currently not allowed to dm or comment. I am just saying thank you to the people who say congrats)
1 month ago
sorry for bragging, Almost every user i find joined either this year or last.
1 month ago
Nah, its fine.

I find us older Mecabricks users to be...

The, "Fun uncles" of Mecabricks.
1 month ago
Congrats! I thanketh thee for including an old friend in thou's model!

I like my jet pack!

It's been a long journey for you, and it's nice that you're back.
1 month ago
Thank you! Your welcome! And I am not entirely back, just posting models.
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