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Story Contest
Published 2 months ago
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Right, so a few of you might be aware of my story that I have made, if not you can access the first chapter here
this is a contest to find out which user's will be able to appear/make it to become a main character.

there will be only 5 winner's in this contest. The contest ends on the 31 of December.
What is needed in your entry is the following.
you'll need to have the name of the person, gender*, age, abilities (fyi, no super powers
), gear, backstory, personality.

as an example:

Name: Cody Wilson.

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Abilities, Parkour, fast accurate shooting, sword experiance

Backstory: [CLASSIFIED] (my apology's that would be spoiling

Personality: quiet, mostly shy, loyal to his friends, determined. (introverted type 6)

that's the example of a basic entry, if you want to go on with the backstory go ahead, it'll maybe earn you extra points,
thing's I'll be looking for in your entry, is character personality, creativity, and all the stuff that a good character needs. the judging will take 4-6 day's depending upon my life irl. I have a lot more school work now a-days, along with prolonged stress from moving, so I may be less active.
ah well done you have found this. Now as a reward here's a fun Easter egg, all the models happen in the chapter after the one that they are with, for example, chapter 1's model is in chapter 2. pm me if you found this
and lastly, have fun!


*with the gender there are only 2 options Male or Female. if you put down any different then you won't be in the running to win
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2 months ago
I will get one at some point.
2 months ago
@Guitarman, Thanks! I can't wait to see what you come up with

@KoE, No problem! (its perfect)
2 months ago
@Zekar, Great![color=white]nobody's noticed[/white]
2 months ago
mine is nowhere near KoE's level of detail tho.
2 months ago
I will join! but do the characters need to look like our sigfig?
2 months ago
@Jonoguard, no, they don't need to
2 months ago
@Slim, thanks

oh and fyi I forgot to add I will be changing your submission slightly to fit the story world
2 months ago
question, is this story's placement on earth? or can I make an apocalypse-like guy?
2 months ago
@KoA, Apocalypse is perfect, its meant to be like that
only if you live in upper town do you have a reasonably normal outfit
2 months ago
there will be only 5 winner's in this contest. The contest ends on the 31 of December.
2 months ago
cool somebody please join my story
2 months ago
@justy, *Face. slapped+*
finally a female character!
I mean, it's been all boys so far, and that gets repetitive after a while.
1 month ago
@Justy Yeah, I figured I'd do something different
4 weeks ago
@Jonoguard, Thanks!

@Wiz, I like that you used the flag. . .
3 weeks ago
*makes mental note, new year's resolution: finish judging*
3 weeks ago
Silly FB, nobody sticks to their New Year’s resolutions!
(Phineas and Ferb proved as much…)
3 weeks ago
I did until this year, where my resolutions was no more new year's resolutions
3 weeks ago
but seriously though I'm going to finish a rough draft of this book.
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