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Husky Dynamics C-151 Cobra
Published 5 months ago
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The C-151 Cobra is a medium transport aircraft. Developed by the aerospace branch of Husky Dynamics, the C-151 was created to fulfill a requirement for a high-speed multi-engine aircraft that could be easily modified to fit several different roles, primarily military.

The Cobra's massive Nimbus R-4800 Firehawk 32-cylinder engines are almost completely exposed when mounted on the aircraft, as their massive cylinders require a high amount of cooling air to function safely and efficiently. The ends of the cylinders are coated with copper to help dissipate excess heat, and the cylinder bases are similarly exposed, along with the majority of the propeller shaft. Each engine drives a large 4-bladed variable-pitch propeller, which is not only capable of absorbing massive amounts of energy from the engine but also provides a large amount of additional cooling airflow to the engines.

The Cobra's rather unorthodox main landing gear gives the aircraft a wide and very stable wheelbase when extended, but effectively divides the cargo bay into two sections, one forward and one to the rear. However, the nose gear follows a more conventional style, retracting upwards and back into the lower forward fuselage.

Additional variants, renders, etc. coming soon. I'm currently working on both a gunship variant and a tanker, with plans for a Coast Guard one at some point. Suggestions are welcome!

Arctic version (LC-151): https://mecabricks.com/en/models/BLvGXlOJaGy
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