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L3-G0 Starfighter
Published 8 months ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
Commissioned by the LCAEA (Lego City Aerospace and Exploration Administration), the L3-G0 was originally outfitted for small cargo runs and asteroid deterrence. However, with the Lucasfilm-Lego deal changed in the 2000s and the Lego Mars Mission set line released in 2007, the L3-G0 was repurposed to fight cheap plastic aliens. Each costs a total of 10 billion studs to assemble and maintain. (plus tax)

Given the renders stay up, the first is the L3-G0 protecting landing craft under fire. (light saber parts)
Render 2 is the L3-G0 picking up cargo from a space station.
Render 3 is the L3-G0 attacking a definetly not but maybe probably but most likely imported alien attack ship.

Pls like my build and my renders + my other mocs!
--- also i went a bit overboard with the flick shooters
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8 months ago
waaa it is so nice, I will make a rendering of it
8 months ago
btw, the engine section rotates
(i put that in a render that was taken down, so if somune could rendr it, thatd be great)
8 months ago
its not a real set

but the lucasfilm deal thing is real
8 months ago
the original contract lego had with lucasfilm was that lego couldn't make any more si fi fantasy set lines, but it changed and Mars Mission was made
8 months ago
I like flick missiles, they are classics!!
Anyway, Awesome model!!
8 months ago
btw, im working on a dropship moc cus it thougt that the soldiers i put in the space station render jus looked soooo good
8 months ago
If any of you could be so kind, I need a render for my lego birds nest for ideas, if you can, I need it to be crisp and clear. Thanks!
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