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Ninjago: Into Orbit: Episode Three: Field Trip of Impending Doom
Published 2 months ago
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Previously on Ninjago, the ninja landed on Galamorphia, where they met King Galamore, the planet’s ruler. Viral acknowledges Master Wu’s warning and is suspicious of the king, while the rest of the ninja have the time of their lives, while experiencing what Galamorphia has to offer. Could King Galamore really be up to something, or is he really who he says he is?

*The next morning*

King Galamore (On speaker): Good morning, ninja! Your breakfast has been prepared! Come to the dining hall as fast as possible! And bring your appetites!

Lloyd: Yes! Breakfast time! Anyone ready for a full day on Galamorphia!

Cole: You bet! This is gonna be the best breakfast I’ve ever had!

Lloyd: How about you, Viral?

Viral: I guess I’ll give it a try. I mean, the food does look a little weird, but that doesn’t mean it’s deceiving. Looks aren’t always deceiving, are they? Please tell me I’m right about that!

Jay: Um, okay. I don’t know what that’s about, but I’m ready to dig in!

Nya: Then let’s go! The king’s expecting us!

*Later, in the Galamorphian dining hall*

King Galamore: And here are your meals! Enjoy!

Viral: What exactly is this, anyway?

King Galamore: These are “hash mounds”. A common favorite for Galamorphians to feast on during breakfast time!

Viral: We’ll, I’m used to hash browns, but these can’t be that bad.

*Viral picks up the hash mounds with his fork and brings it towards his mouth*

Viral (Nervously): Down the hatch!

*Viral munches the hash mounds and swallows*

Viral: Mmm! These are actually pretty good! I’d like to have some more!

King Galamore: Sure thing!

*King Galamore puts more hash mounds on the plate and Viral quickly eats them*

Kai: Wow Viral! You’re tearing those hash mounds up! Are they really that great?

Viral: They sure are, Kai!

King Galamore: While you all finish your meals, I was wondering if you’d like to come with me and explore the outer areas of Galamorphia. You’ve only seen the inside of the palace, so I believe it’s time that I show you what awaits on the outside.

Jay: So, it’ll be like a field trip? Awesome! I love field trips!

Zane: This will be a great chance for me to take photos and make observations along the way.

Cole: Come on, Zane! It’s going to be like a field trip, we’re not going to a museum!

King Galamore: Alright everyone! Follow me to the Galamobile, the fastest vehicle in all of Galamorphia!

Viral: If breakfast here is this good, then who knows how great this trip will turn out?


King Galamore: Strap in, ninja! Make sure not to stand while the vehicle is in motion, and if there are any bumps on the trail, then try to hold onto something!

All of the ninja: Got it!

King Galamore: Here we go!

*King Galamore starts up the Galamobile and they drive off*

King Galamore: As you can see, there are lots of mountains on Galamorphia, with different shapes and sizes!

Jay: Woah! What is that weird looking waterfall over there?

King Galamore: In Ninjago, you probably refer to them as waterfalls, but we Galamorphians have “lava falls”. Just don’t get to close, or you could get burnt!

Kai: Even I think that sounds a little too hot to handle! And I’m the master of fire!

King Galamore: On your right, you can see the Galamorphian flowers!

Nya: They’re so vibrant and beautiful! I might have to come back later to pick some!

*King Galamore looks into the distance and notices something*

King Galamore: (Whispering) A Hurgle Beast? This may be risky, but it’s worth a try!

Zane: My scanners are sensing a mysterious creature up ahead!

*King Galamore stops the vehicle*

King Galamore: Not to worry, ninja! This creature is known as a Hurgle Beast!

Jay: Hurgle Beast? That’s got to be the strangest name I’ve ever heard!

King Galamore: Only loud noises and interfering with the Hurgle Beast will set it off, so I’ll just put the Galamobile in reverse and we’ll be on our way!

*King Galamore reaches for the reverse lever and purposefully bumps his head on the honker button, attracting the Hurgle Beast’s attention*

King Galamore: Uh, whoops?

Lloyd: It’s spotted us!

Cole: And it’s coming this way!

King Galamore: I guess we have no choice but to escape it!

Lloyd: No! If we try to drive away, the Hurgle Beast will follow us back to the palace! We have to fight it! Right here and now!

King Galamore: If you think it’s our best option!

*Lloyd and the rest of the ninja step out of the Galamobile and get ready for battle*

Cole: Stay back, King Galamore! Things could get ugly!

*The Hurgle Beast approaches and the ninja use their powers to fight it*

King Galamore: It’s just as I expected! The ninja have the power to control the elements!

*The Hurgle Beast picks up a boulder and throws it at the Galamobile*

Lloyd: The Galamobile! Don’t worry, King Galamore! I’m coming!

*Lloyd leaps into the Galamobile and pulls King Galamore out of the way. The Boulder then falls onto the Galamobile and crushes it.*

Lloyd: Are you alright, King Galamore?

King Galamore: I’m alright! Thanks for asking!

Lloyd: I’ve gotta get back to the others. Just try to stay out of the beast’s way!

King Galamore: As you wish, Green Ninja!

*Lloyd rejoins the ninja and they continue battling the Hurgle Beast*

Lloyd: We’ve gotta trap this thing! Any ideas?

Cole: I could use my Earth powers to form a huge crevasse in the ground! Then, we could simply knock the Hurgle Beast into the crevasse!

Zane: That could work! Nya! On my command, form a ramp out of water, so I can freeze it and get to higher ground. Then, I’ll kick the beast and knock it into the crevasse!

Nya: Okay! That, I can do!

*The ninja continue their attacks on the Hurgle Beast*

Cole: Now, it’s time that things get a little “rocky”! Earth!

*Cole slams the ground and forms a large crevasse*

Zane: Now, Nya!

Nya: Got it! Water!

*Nya forms a water ramp and Zane freezes it*

Zane: Cole, I need a lift!

Cole: I’m on it!

*Cole throws Zane into the air and he lands on the ice ramp. He runs across the ramp, jumps towards the Hurgle Beast, and kicks it in the face, nearly knocking it into the crevasse.*

Kai: Oh, come on! The beast isn’t close enough!

Viral: I’ll handle this, guys! Shockwave!

*Viral punches the ground and his shockwave powers pushes the Hurgle Beast into the crevasse. The Hurgle Beast roars, until its voice dies down as it falls.*

Jay: (Relieved sigh) That was wild!

Lloyd: And a close one, that’s for sure!

Viral: I knew my shockwave powers would come in handy on this trip!

Zane: Excellent work, Viral!

Nya: I guess we should turn back before we run into another creature.

King Galamore: Wait! There’s an old door up ahead! I believe the key my father gave me long ago will fit into the lock!

*King Galamore and the ninja walk up to the door. The key fits into the lock and King Galamore opens the door.*

King Galamore: The key actually worked! (Gasp)

Lloyd: What’s in the room?

King Galamore: That book up there, it’s the book I’ve always searched for!

Kai: Really? What does it say on the cover?

Zane: Maybe I could translate the Galamorphian language.

King Galamore: Um, I could read it for you, actually! In your language, it translates to, “The Guide of Protection”. I suppose it will tell me how I can further protecting my kingdom.

Lloyd: That’s great! Now, maybe we should get back home.

King Galamore: Sounds good to me! Back to the palace, everyone!

*Later, back in the Galamorphian palace*

Lloyd: That was quite an adventure today!

Jay: Believe it or not, but I had fun battling that Hurgle Beast! It was the highlight of my day!

Kai: Same here!

Viral: Guys, I know this might sound weird, but I feel as if King Galamore planned for all of this to happen.

Cole: You might have a point, Viral. Considering he’s a king, I’m surprised that he didn’t help us defeat the Hurgle Beast today.

Nya: He did say that the Galamorphians are peaceful beings, so he’s probably not a fighter.

Lloyd: Maybe. But before I start thinking about it too much, I’m going straight to bed. It’s been a long day.

Jay: (Yawns) Yep! Time to rest easy and prepare for tomorrow! Good night, guys!

Viral: Yeah, good night. (Thinking) I still don’t fully trust King Galamore. There has to be more to him than he’s letting on.

*Later, in the throne room*

King Galamore: Prince Galamus! I have splendid news!

Prince Galamus: What is it, sir?

King Galamore: I finally found the book I needed! The book that will tell me how to use the Galamorphian Crystal!

Prince Galamus: That’s great, sir!

King Galamore: Tomorrow, I’ll need you to buy me some time. Give the ninja something to do, while I study this book and find the crystal’s hidden power! This could be my only chance to do what’s best for our kind!

Prince Galamus: Of course, sir. I wish you the best of luck with your studies.

King Galamore: Thank you, Galamus. I’ll need all of the luck I can get!
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