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Published 1 month ago
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Yay! I did it! I stayed on Mecabricks for an entire year!!

Anyway; I thought this might be a good time to announce a new project of mine I started working on a while ago: Project S (I don't know why I called it that XD)

So anyway; The point of this project is to create an animation longer than 1 minute XD (And not just a clock, but a real animation one can enjoy) I'm pretty sure I've never made an animation longer than one minute (except for the clock), and I thought it might be fun to make! Please understand that the animation won't be released anytime soon if ever
I just wanted to let you guys know
Well... That's that.

Anyway; back to the main event
I've been on MecaBricks for a WHOLE YEAR now!!
365.25+ days! XD I'll use this chance again to encourage those who haven't seen my first model yet to go back and look at it
(And no, it isn't an animation
I'd like to thank all my supporters (which are a lot) for correcting, helping, and of course, supporting me
I hope I have had a positive on the Mecabricks community for the last year, and have been a good friend to some
It's sad to see so many users leave, and find myself with less and less time to spend on Mecabricks, but I seriously hope I'll never quit
As for the story; As you might have noticed, the story is slowly coming to an end. Those who participated and made an effort for my contest were included, but after that I included a bunch of other users
Making the story longer and more interesting (and more complicated) than expected; so, just as a thank you for those who participated; *there will be a small prize for you, as a thank you for participating *This only counts for participants of my contest XD Oh, and if you have any questions about the story, just PM me

Finally; I wish everyone on this site, and the ones visiting a very nice day, a good week, a memorable month, a pleasant year, and a long life
I sincerely hope, whoever you are, that your life will be of great meaning and satisfactory

Wow... I didn't know I had that much to say
Anyway; I wish you a nice day/week/month/year/life/afterlife/whatevercomesafterthat

Just noticed I'm a day late XD
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1 month ago
Only one year?! Wow, it was pretty intense

1 month ago
Congrats, dude!

(I really hope you stay!)
1 month ago
Wiz - Thanks!!
& Me too, and I will for now
just had a few busy weeks
1 month ago
Congrats on the milestone, dude! You earned it!
1 month ago
Duckduckguz - Thank you!!

atomicfart2009 - Thanks!!
I will have mine in three days too!
and I haven't planned FRICKIN ANYTHING!
not even like a litle snippet of words to say.
I'm a bit nervous.
1 month ago
Congrates on 1 year! (I thought you were on your 4th or something XD)
1 month ago
Justy - XD
You'll be fine

Fireblade28 - XD Thanks!!
1 month ago
1 month ago
(I seriously thought you where on here for 9 years....... XD )
1 month ago
Cole08 - THANKS!!!

NinjaDude2011 - Thank you!!
1 month ago
A day late? I'm 7 days late!!! Congrats!!
1 month ago
Digital_Guy_4 - Thanks!!

Dat_Boi_Scopes - Thank you!!
1 month ago
Am I late? XD
Wow dude, 1 year is a lot, thats awesome! I've really been loving the story so far. Along with your AMAZING animations. Keep it up, dude.

Also, I just noticed that if your 1 year anniversary just happened, that means mine is in a 2 months...
Wow, time flies. XD
1 month ago
AABuilds - Thanks!!
& Time sure flies XD
4 weeks ago
SpaceBuilder101 - Thank you!!
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