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Ninjago: Into Orbit: Episode Four: The Guide of Protection
Published 2 months ago
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Previously on Ninjago, King Galamore offered to take the ninja on a trip to explore the outer areas of Galamorphia. Unfortunately, they run into a fearsome creature, known as a Hurgle Beast, but they were able to trap it by working as a team. King Galamore finds an old book, called The Guide of Protection and will need Prince Galamus to buy him some time in order to study the book and its contents.

*In the throne room*

King Galamore: Finally! The book I’ve always needed! I have all the time I need to read it!

*Someone knocks on the door*

King Galamore: You may enter!

*Prince Galamus enters the room*

King Galamore: Prince Galamus! Where are the ninja?

Prince Galamus: They’re outside training, sir.

King Galamore: Training? For what reason?

Prince Galamus: They probably have nothing else to do, considering you’re not out there, giving them something to do.

King Galamore: I believe you’ve forgotten our deal! You have to give the ninja something to do, while I research the book! Remember?

Prince Galamus: Ah, yes! I guess it just slipped my mind. What should I do?

King Galamore: How should I know? Just keep them busy, until my research is done!

Prince Galamus: (Sigh) Yes, your highness.

*As Prince Galamus leaves the room, King Galamore reaches into a secret compartment and pulls out the Galamorphian Crystal*

King Galamore: This crystal must have some sort of connection to the book, but what would it be? Then now is the time to find out! Chapter 1…

*Later, outside of the Galamorphian Palace*

Viral: Nice try, but can you handle the power of my… shockwave!

*Viral’s shockwave hits Jay and throws him onto the ground*

Jay: Ow! Why’d you have to attack me?

Zane: You were the closest in proximity to him. That’s why.

Kai: I guess it isn’t ninja training unless Jay ends up on the ground!

Jay: Pfft! Whatever!

Prince Galamus: Ninja! There you are!

Lloyd: Prince Galamus? Is something wrong?

Prince Galamus: No, but you all seem a little bored.

Lloyd: Kinda. We were wondering where King Galamore was. We haven’t seen him at all today.

Prince Galamus: The king is busy studying the book he found yesterday. In the meantime, you’ll have to find something to do by yourselves.

Cole: If you say so!

Prince Galamus: Well, if there are no other questions, I will get back to my duties. Let me know if you need anything!

Nya: We will! Wanna finish training?

Viral: Y’know, I think I’ve had enough training for now. I’m going to…get a drink! To hydrate, or whatever.

Lloyd: That’s fine, Viral. Take as long as you need to rest. We’ll just continue without you.

Viral: Okay! See you guys when I come back!

*Viral walks away*

Viral (Thinking): Maybe King Galamore’s book will tell me what he might be hiding. I’ll have to find it and have a look for myself!

*In the throne room*

King Galamore: Ooh! This part has crucial information! “There are thousands of crystals that can be found in hidden areas on planets throughout the galaxy, one of them being the Galamorphian Crystal. This crystal originates from the planet Galamorphia and contains a power like none other. Its power is greater than that of any crystal and must never fall into the wrong hands…” Well, I’m certain it has fallen into the right hands! My hands, that is!

*Prince Galamus enters the room*

Prince Galamus: Sir!

King Galamore: (Sigh) I’m still in the middle of something, Galamus! You could’ve simply knocked!

Prince Galamus: My apologies, sir. I just wanted to inform you that the ninja are still training with each other, but the dark blue ninja left to get a drink.

King Galamore: What?! I told you to watch the ninja! Especially the dark blue one! He’s been suspicious of me since the day the he and the ninja arrived here!

Prince Galamus: Don’t worry, sir! I’ll get to him first!

King Galamore: You better!

*Prince Galamus leaves the room*

King Galamore: Now, where was I? “The rulers of planets are gifted with ultra-powerful staffs that have multiple powers…” Wait, I have a staff! I need to keep reading! Here’s information about my staff! “The Electro-staff is a weapon that can strengthen or weaken anything it blasts!” I’ll have to try using this staff to see how it’s powers operate!

*King Galamore leaves the room and returns will a house plant*

King Galamore: A Galamorphian house plant! The perfect test subject! So, I’m supposed to hold my Electro-staff like this, and—

*King Galamore’s staff blasts the house plant and shrinks it*

King Galamore: It shrunk! There must be a way for me to reverse its function to increase the size of whatever I blast!

*One of the Galamorphian guards run into the throne room*

Galamorphian guard: Sir! There’s something you need to know!

King Galamore: Argh! I can’t focus with all of you getting in my way!

*King Galamore slams his staff on the ground and its color changes from blue to a glowing red*

King Galamore: (Gasp) Will this work?

*Using the Electro-staff, King Galamore blasts the house plant and and increases it to a larger size than before*

King Galamore: (Gasp) It strengthened the plant! I must take note of this discovery!

Galamorphian guard: Did the book give you any new information, sir?

King Galamore: I believe it has! Wait, why did you come here again?

Galamorphian guard: It’s one of the ninja. We can’t find him anywhere!

King Galamore: Then gather the rest of the guards and find him! I don’t know what that ninja wants, but I cannot allow him to sneak around in my palace!
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