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02.2 - Liar
Published 2 months ago
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02.2 - Liar

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here:https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Brickster!” BrickAssassain7 exclaimed.
“Seven! Who are the other guys?” Brickster asked.
“Well, the big one is Cakery, the middle one is Happy, and the small one WizardBuilds1,” BrickAssassain7 said.
“Hey!” WizardBuilds1 exclaimed. BrickAssassain7 ignored him.
“Good. Have you met Anon?” Brickster asked.
“Yes, why?“ WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Oh… Well… Anon is working for the system,” Brickster said.
“Impossible,” WizardBuilds1 exclaimed. Happy097 was of the same opinion.
“It’s true. Why else would he be able reprogram your bodies? Why else wouldn’t he have contacted you through comments or PMs?” Brickster asked.
“There has to be an explanation,” Happy097 said, but was innerly hesitating.
“How else was he able to get weapons in this desert? And it was his model that had the tile that sucked you up, didn’t he?” Brickster said. Silence fell. Cakery had no idea what was going on.
“Who is Anon?” he asked.
“The_An0nym,” Brickster replied. Silence fell once again. WizardBuilds1 was sunk in his thoughts, trying to find reasonable explanations. Happy097 instead was hesitating who he should trust. The_An0nym or Brickster. WizardBuilds1 slowly raised his head.
“How did you know that we got sucked up through a tile?” he slowly asked. Brickster didn’t reply for the first few seconds. Then he finally said,
“Pup told me,”
“You met Pup and Slimmy?” Happy097 asked.
“And Lax and Xill,” Brickster replied. WizardBuilds1 accepted the answer, but was still suspicious about the long pause before he had answered his question.
“Are you a user?” WizardBuilds1 asked Brickster.
“Yes,” Brickster replied after a small pause.
“How did you get here?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Through the tile,” Brickster said, confidence clearly heard in his voice.
“Then why did you say that ‘pup told me’ and not that you were sucked up yourself?” WizardBuilds1 asked. Brickster didn’t reply for the first few seconds.
“I… thought that mentioning him would make you believe me more,” he finally said.
“You could have mentioned him in another way. And experiencing the tile is a memory you don’t easily forget, which means that that would be the first thing to come to mind when someone is asking ‘how did you know about the tile?’,” WizardBuilds1 said.
“But I didn’t. I thought that that way I’d gain your trust faster. You never know how much Anon has manipulated someone,” Brickster explained. WizardBuilds1 considered the answer.
“Okay… I believe you,” he said. He released his crossed fingers and hoped that no one had noticed it. Brickster released a tensed breath.
“How much power does the system have? Could it potentially change things on my account or something?” Happy097 suddenly asked.
“What’s with the sudden question?” Brickster asked.
“I was just worried that it could see a few of my… more private… models,” Happy097 explained. BrickAssassain7 and Brickster both looked at him with suspicion.
“Just answer the question, will you?” Happy097 urged.
“No. The system can only change a few things that you send out from here, like a model, the system can maybe add or delete a tile, or a text message, where it might delete a few words or change– flip,” Brickster said. WizardBuilds1 hadn’t even paid much attention until Brickster had said ‘flip’.
“Got you!” Happy097 exclaimed.
“Wait, what?” Cakery asked. He hadn’t understood anything. BrickAssassain7 was also trying to make sense of the conversation. Brickster took out a gun and shot. WizardBuilds1 instinctively did a backflip. While doing so he took out his two disks he had put aside, and expanded them. He landed with two swords in his hands.
“Bastards,” Brickster murmured.
“Wait! Stop! What has gone into you?” BrickAssassain7 asked. Brickster aimed his gun at him and shot. Cakery was just in time to stop the beam with his hand. The beam left a balck spot and pain overcame Cakery. Happy097 got out his sniper rifle and aimed at Bricksters head. WizardBuilds1 ran towards Brickster.
“Hold him still,” Happy097 instructed. WizardBuilds1 jumped on Brickster, his two swords ready to slash him into pieces. Brickster pointed his gun at him and simply shot. WizardBuilds1 changed the course of his swords just in time to block it. The maneuver made him lose his balance.
“Aww come on! Now I need to do it myself,” Happy097 grumbled, took out his rocket launcher and aimed.
“Are you trying to blow us all up?” Brickster asked. WizardBuilds1 wrapped himself up from the ground and looked up. Happy097 grinned
“Nope,” he replied, and shot. It hit Brickster and exploded. WizardBuilds1 wished that he had stayed down, but jumped instead. The shockwave knocked him back. WizardBuilds1 was thrown high into the air and had enough time to regain his balance. He landed nimbly on his feet. Happy097, who had shot from quite a distance, hadn’t been affected by the explosion. Cakery had held onto BrickAssassain7 and shielded him with his massive body.
“Seriously? You almost killed me!” WizardBuilds1 complained.
“Nah,” Happy097 replied.
“What did you do? Why did you kill him?” BrickAssassain7 asked.
“He was a liar,” WizardBuilds1 replied.
“That’s not true!” BrickAssassain7 said.
“Yes it is. The_An0nym has probably tried to send tons of messages for help, but the system must have deleted or changed them. That’s what he said himself,” WizardBuilds1 explained. BrickAssassain7 sat down and slowly calmed down.
“You’re right,” he said.
“I am a bit more than a liar,” Brickster said. He walked out of the smoke, his armor still intact.
“What the…?” Happy097 asked.
“The system has exceptional armour. Anyway, if you ever want to see Veers or Minis again, then you’d better hurry,” Brickster said. WizardBuilds1 shuddered. Brickster began to walk away.
“Where are you going?” Happy097 asked.
“Look behind you,” Brickster said, and began to run. Behind them a white figure was approaching them. He must have seen the explosion, and he didn’t look happy.

[End of 02.2]
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2 months ago
Awesome! I love how the story is going!
2 months ago
I KNEW BRICKSTER WAS BAD!!!! amazing chapter!
2 months ago
Before even reading this, I’m just gonna say, I HAVE A SWORD! I’m pumped to read this, as I didn’t get as much stuff in the last few chapters, and I’m excited to see what I do.
2 months ago
Wow! I wasn’t expecting an actual user to be lying!
Also, I did a backflip again! This is why stories are meant to be written!

In addition, not small.
2 months ago
AABuilds, SlimBrick, WizardBuils1 & Jono_Guard - Thanks!!

WizardBuils1 - I know
you're not small
2 months ago
"Well, how the tables have turned..."
2 months ago
Nice chapter, by the way!
2 months ago
I wonder what these "private models" in Happy097's library can be

Great chapter ! !
2 months ago
*as justy entered the room, everything went silent. he strutted up to a table and leaned on it smugly*
I knew it!
I think I know what happens next too...
2 months ago
I KNEW ITTTTT!! The tiles weren’t even put by Anon, were they?
2 months ago
General_Veers, ju5tyour4verage9litch & _THE_MASTER_ - Thanks!!

General_Veers - Me too

ju5tyour4verage9litch - If you want to share your predictions you may PM me

_THE_MASTER_ - No Spoilers
2 months ago
@non - I don't want to say it for other people...
but I had a breakthrough in I think chapter 02.0
2 months ago
Justy - Did you just use the @ to fill in for the 'A' in Anon? Smart! & That's okay! & Good to know!!
2 months ago
BrickAssassain7 - Thanks!!
2 months ago
I’m a bit late, but I actually do have a lot of private models. Mainly because they were transferred over from LDD and none of them look good, but still. Also, in response to that last line, of course they didn’t look like me!
2 months ago

(there are no words to suit how amazing that chapter was)
2 months ago
Okay, I am so confused. All of these people are getting mixed up in my head, and I have absolutley NO CLUE who 'Brickster' is! (Still great chapter though.)

2 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!

Spac3bu1lder1ol - Brickster is the person who convinced Lax_Swag5, SuperPup1, SlimBrick1, and XillComics that The_An0nym is evil, who then split up and met BlueFlame56 and Digital_Guy_4 (There is literally a chapter named 'Brickster', 01.6)
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