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P.0 Ep.3 Eventful Night
Published 2 years ago
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My ninja suit is gone!
You know what, let's rewind the story to the previous night.
As you remember, what I think was a robot/cyborg penguin tried to shoot me, but then it started raining. I ran as fast as I could to my base, where I changed into dry clothes. I fed my dog, put my katanas away (the suit was still there), checked onto Mecabricks and went to bed. When I woke I intended to investigate the penguin case, so I was going to put on my ninja outfit.
And it was gone!
Oddly enough, my katanas were still there, which is what gives me my interdimensional powers.
Anyways, I noticed that even I was missing an outfit, I still had the same amount. There was a new outfit in the place where I normally keep my Iron Man suit (Which MOCmaster currently has being displayed in one large collection). Upon farther inspection, I noticed a sticky not attached to it. It read,
"Hey BrickBot, I heard about what happened last evening, and I made you this. It's for fighting animals! I made one for myself too.
It fit perfectly.
I also noticed that whoever stole my ninja suit left muddy footprints. I followed them, and I found a tool laying on the ground, imprinted with "Penguana0"

So, I know it's been a really long time since my second episode, but here's the third, and I hope you like it!
As you can see, I finally came up with a name for my series!
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2 years ago
Yay so happy your continuing this story!
2 years ago
I am glad you are continuing this AWESOME story.
209 models | 20.4k views
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