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1991 Mazda 787B
Published 4 years ago
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Hi everyone,

Here is my LEGO version of the legendary Mazda 787B that won the "24 Heures du Mans" in 1991!

I tried to remain as faithful as possible to the original, so I chose to build a model of 8 studs wide to maintain the proportions.

You can open the windshield to install the pilot in the cockpit. You can remove the front part of the vehicule and the rear cover to access to the engine. You even can adjust the spoiler.

I created custom decals for the car and for the race suit of the pilot. I even created a custom part (hope there's no problems with that). It's the white disk inside the front rims. I created it basing on the part 18978.

If you have any questions or any suggestions to improve the model, feel free to post a comment!

If you enjoy the model, feel free to share and support it on Lego Ideas!
Here is the link: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/c7499814-286e-434e-b9e0-057e9b5d431d

Thank you!
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4 years ago
Nice job on the decoration design!
4 years ago
Thank you, MasterBricks !

Thank you, Samino ! But I think it still requires some improvements.
4 years ago
I am going to make a render of a mustang say me if you like
4 years ago
Wow, awesome, nice eye for details. Ridiculously awesome renders with the stickers. Great job in all.
4 years ago
@MasterBricks Nice render ! I let you a comment.

@erikf1 Thank you ! I'm glad you like it.
3 years ago
That is just a crazy perfect work. It starts to be pretty hard to easily identify if it is a real photo or a render.
3 years ago
Thank you, Scrubs!

Yes, today's technologies allow us to create renderings closer and closer to reality, but especially with much greater ease and accessibility than before.

And I hope that with the upcoming arrival of EEVEE and Blender 2.8, we will pass a new course.
3 years ago
I don't think eevee will really change much for realism. Ray tracers like Cycles will always remain better. However it will provide a great way to work in real time.
I read that redshift was looking for a developer to make an addon for blender. Really looking for this one even if it is not free.
3 years ago
Yes, I'm agree. Render engines like Cycles are currently better for realism.

But I love working in real time, having an instant overview of the scene I'm working on. And I think, I hope, that in the future, with the improvement of the technologies, real time will become the standard.

It would be really cool if we could use Redshift in Blender. This render engine is very powerful.
3 years ago
render with cycle
compositing with gimp
3 years ago
Hey ! Nice render, MasterBricks !

If one day Scrubs finds a viable solution to allow custom stickers in Mecabricks, I will share those of my 787B with pleasure !
3 years ago
Thanks, Helo!

Yes it’s true for stickers.
I will make a render of a Mc Laren
But It’s a very good Mazda!
Good Job, Helo!!
3 years ago
You forgot to mention in the description it's on Lego Ideas!
3 years ago
Yes, that's right. Thank you ArmoredBricks.

I've updated the description above with the link. Feel free to share and support!
2 years ago
Hi !

I finally converted the custom maps of my Mazda 787B for the new part system of Mecabricks.

Only the custom map of the windscreen is currently missing. I'll upload it when the part will be available in the new part system.
2 years ago
Definitely the best use of custom decorations so far!
2 years ago
Thanks !

Maybe a few more adjustments and it will be good.

It's really cool to add its own custom decorations directly in Mecabricks. Again, thanks for your awesome work !
1 year ago
simply amazing:) everytime i see this car, i wish i could have one;)
7 months ago
sooooo gooood and amazingly accurate decals
by Helo
5 models | 4.7k views
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