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06.1 - PurplePirah
Published 2 months ago
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06.1 - PurplePirah

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Are you alright?” a voice asked. PurplePirah was still dizzy from being squished a couple hundred times by the door.
“Yeah…” PurplePirah replied and opened his eyes. The person in front of him surprised him so much that he instinctively slapped him.
“Ow! Why’d you do that?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“A-Are you on our team?” PurplePirah asked.
“No… I have come here to get my friend back,” SlimBrick1 said.
“Friend?” PurplePirah asked.
“Yeah… Don’t you recognize me, Lax?” SlimBrick1 carefully asked. An immense headache hit him harder than any bullet was capable of doing.
“What’d you call me?” PurplePirah asked.
“Lax… That’s your name; or at least your username,” SlimBrick1 replied. The headache grew stronger. PurplePirahs body began to tremble. Something was fighting within himself.
“Who… Who are you?” PurplePirah groaned. SlimBrick1 sympathetically looked into his eyes, and answered:
“Your friend,”
“Why…? Why did you come for me? I’m your enemy!” PurplePirah exclaimed. The headache became stronger.
“Wrong; You are my friend,” SlimBrick1 replied. Everything came back, suddenly making the headache vanish. PurplePirah’s head became clearer than ever before.
“So that’s what happened…” he sighed.
“Are you alright?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“Yeah… I think I’m fine…” Lax_Swag5 answered.
“Can you stand?” SlimBrick1 questioned.
“I think so… How did you find me anyway?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“I had an anonymous tip, you could say,” SlimBrick1 said, smiling.
“Anon?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“Yep,” SlimBrick1 confirmed. Lax_Swag5 slowly stood up, leaning up against SlimBrick1. Even though the headache had disappeared, he still felt weak. The first thing he did after standing up was taking off his helmet.

“Come on, please let this be it!” WizardBuilds1 said as he jogged around the corner. The hallways were empty like always.
“Maybe we went the wrong way?” Galaxist questioned.
“No, they went through here. I’m sure of it!” WizardBuilds1 exclaimed.
“Maybe you’re wrong. We’ve been walking for hours!” Galaxist complained.
“Do you have a better idea?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“No… but–,” Galaxist began.
“Then stay quiet!” WizardBuilds1 interrupted.
“Why should I–?” Galaxist began, but WizardBuilds1 interrupted him yet again.
“Be quiet! I heard something,” he claimed.
“Alright,” Galaxist mumbled. Only a few seconds later he was also able to hear it. The sound of footsteps approaching.
“Who is there?” WizardBuilds1 asked loudly. The footsteps silenced.
“Who said that?” a voice asked back.
“Galaxist and me! I’m so glad to have found you guys!” WizardBuilds1 exclaimed and ran around the corner.

“Why won’t Anon reply? He’s been silent for a while now,” ZekarLegoWarrior said.
“I’m sure he’s doing fine!” BrickGuy replied. Footsteps sounded in the hallway.
“Do you think that’s them?” BrickGuy asked.
“Maybe… But let’s prepare just in case,” ZekarLegoWarrior replied, and took out his two disks.
“I think that there is an easy way to find out if they are hostile or not,” BrickGuy replied.
“Really?” ZekarLegoWarrior asked.
“Yeah! Let me show you. Would you guys mind identifying yourselves?! We’re Brickster and Zekar, by the way!” BrickGuy shouted through the hallways.
“What are you doing? Trying to get us killed?” ZekarLegoWarrior asked.
“We’re Guz, Logan and Veers, and we’ve captured BlackBlade,” a voice shouted back.
“See? They’re not evil,” BrickGuy said.
“The enemies could just be voicing them,” ZekarLegoWarrior said.
“Since when were you so paranoid? Chill out! Nothing bad will happen to us!” BrickGuy exclaimed. It seemed like the entire world had waiten the past 200 million years for those words. The floor began to tremble, the walls too. The light flickered, which had never happened before. The air vibrated and tensed. The grey half-circle on the wall, which was presumably the portal, flickered yellowish.
“What’s happening?” ZekarLegoWarrior asked. Just in that moment Duckduckguz, LoganLin, General_Veers and BlackBlade turned around the corner and joined them. The portal turned on, the flickering coming to a stop. The cold yellow turned into a warm orange, the air around the portal heated up. The air felt warmer than normal, which was a strange sensation after walking through the cold hallways for so long. The floor didn’t stop trembling, which made them nervous. Then they saw the cause of it. Hundreds of processors appeared from every corner and hallway possible, all of them coming towards them. ZekarLegoWarrior extended both of his swords, but soon realized it was hopeless.

[End of 06.1]
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2 months ago
2 months ago
wait, am I blackblade? or is that BlueFlame? so much is happening,
2 months ago
KingofAce - XD
Well both you and BlueFlame56 are already in the story displayed as users, unless...
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