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Small Comic!!
Published 2 months ago
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Yes, a comic... didn't expect that, did you?

- Please don't move the view - Thanks!!

Anyway; please open editor and select the top folder (the one that says 'Use Arrow Keys') and use the left and right arrow keys to move to the next and previous page.

For iPad users *Glances at Wiz* You can select the folder and use the 'Move' function (right next to transform, under graph on the left of the workshop) Change it (if needed) to Type: Rotation & Axis: Y. Now you can move to the next page by applying the value -50, and to the previous one by applying the value 50
It should work.. Hopefully...

Anyway; Please enjoy this short and crudely made comic & tell me if you like what I made
You're welcome to make your own comic using my model, just be sure to credit me!

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2 months ago
Gotta go. I’ll take a crack at it tomorrow, sorry!
2 months ago
Cakery - Glad you like it!! XD

WizardBuilds1 - Alright!!

General_Veers - Thank you!!
2 months ago
Okay, I figured it out! (Just wanted to read it, real quick!
Anyway, great story! I especially liked the ‘splosions!
2 months ago
WizardBuilds1 - Great!!
& Thanks!!
2 months ago
Sorry for the self advertise, just The_An0nym wanted to see the sigfig when it was done.
2 months ago
RevrendSuitor - It's all right!!
& Thank you for the notification!

Justy - Thanks!!
& Yes, I have really many possibilities right now!
2 months ago
RevrendSuitor - You use nodes!
There are plenty of tutorial videos online
If you can't find one, just PM me

Justy - True!!
I should probably make a list of all the users I've taught. XD
2 months ago
я не понимаю ваш язык
2 months ago
The_Anti - You can use Google translate to translate my text!
If you have any questions on how to turn to the next page, just PM me!
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