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Lego Dimensions: Mecabricks Story Pack
Published 3 months ago
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I had way too much fun with this XD. If only Lego Dimensions allowed fan contribution before it got the axe.....(srry I couldn't include all of you, I picked at random disappointed face )

I was randomly inspired to make this today based on my love for Lego Dimensions itself, all the figures/vehicles that some of you made, and the crazy thought of playable versions of us interacting with the well-known brands featured in Dimensions, like Sonic and Homer Simpson (that would be crazy awesome XD). These all gave me the idea to create some sort of concept with Mecabricks as a separate brand like DC Comics or Adventure Time or whatever in Dimensions. Yes, I used some of your figures without permission, but it was mostly to compliment the "portal attachment" I made based on the home page!

So....what do you guys think? I was planning on expanding this idea a bit more by possibly designing stuff for a whole ADVENTURE WORLD (and maybe a story winking face ) (I think TG's done some models with concepts of Mecabricks as a place, I'll definitely take inspiration from that, and we could all be quest-giving NPCs XD), if you guys would want to see that, of course. So yeah, should I expand on this more? Tell me what you think!
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3 months ago
This is awesome! You should definitely make more!
3 months ago


... I don't even know what to say.



And, yes, I've made TONS of models that take place in Mecabricks as an actual place.
3 months ago
You're finally making me want to make one!
3 months ago
Nice, this is really cool!
That reminds me, I was going to update mine...
3 months ago
Thanks all for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it!

@XForce198 I will

@TG Well the thing was, when I pulled your team pack your car was gone. Not sure what was up with that.....I have L_L's on there, though, and you made that too, so....good enough? XD

@1ObsidianFury ?

@Bishop1859 Were you that opposed to making one before XD. Not gonna lie though, a scaled-down version of your Climber robot would work insanely well as a gadget/vehicle for this

@Brickbot2.1 I thought you did update yours
3 months ago
@1ObsidianFury Except I made that joke way too many times and I'm not sure how it applies here XD
3 months ago
Oh, right...

I was doing a render with that and accidentally deleted the car and never put it back XD
3 months ago
You should definitely do a lot more to it!

And Thanks for adding me!
3 months ago
@LCB If I get the chance to expand on this more, everyone (who wants to be included) will be included in this.
3 months ago
Yours is saved in my library, I might scale down the speeder more and modify it to fit the Dimensions vehicle size more.
3 months ago
You gave me the small one remember? That one is the one I'm using.
3 months ago
Yeah, Dimensions cars have to be scaled down to a reasonable size.
3 months ago
@TG His vehicle isn't a car....it's a speeder XD

no worries, I just finished building the scaled down version
3 months ago
Well, I meant other vehicles too.
3 months ago
Awesome! Very amazing!

And thanks for including me as well!

(Btw my Sword is Blue now
3 months ago
@LCB Keep asking and thou shall not recieveth. If you read the description you'd see that I said I picked at random. I added more figures it would probably fill it up too much, since I just put them to add to the story pack thing I built. Your funpack will be in something else....
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