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Updated Rex
Published 1 month ago
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Well, now. This was very difficult. PLEASE ENJOY THIS MODEL!!!!!!!!!
So, this Captain Rex model is 5711 pieces. (Don't believe me? Look at the part count.)
And here's the amount of time it took.
Step 1: Commando Gregor helmet: 1 hour (ish)
Step 2: Convert Commando helmet to Rex Helmet: 1 and a half hours (Ish)
Build the rest of Rex v.1: 30 minutes
Step 3: Convert Rex v.1 helmet into Rex v.2 helmet: 1 hour (ish)
Step 4: Build the rest of Rex v.2: 1 and a half hours (ish)
Step 5: Build the new and improved DC-17 blaster pistols: 2 and a half hours (ish)
Total time: 8 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please enjoy. I think I'm going crazy.
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5711 pieces
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1 month ago
While trying to view this model, Google notified me with a message that said "oh snap", get it!

Anyways, I made it!

You know that a model is big when your computer fans start kicking on, and your device starts heating up, which mine did, great work!

The computer is fine, (I think) thankfully I won’t have to sue you this time...
1 month ago
XD (I get it.)
Yay! I'm glad you don't have to sue me.
1 month ago
It appears we were the only ones who could access this model, everyone else seems to be discussing it on the other model or in the forum!
1 month ago

This must've taken some extreme patience!
Did you do it all in one go?

Anywho, This looks Awesome! I'm glad my computer could load it
4 weeks ago
wow... it actually loaded...

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