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Graviton VIP Transport 1.4
Published 1 month ago
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The Graviton was created by ESI, or Exos Shipbuilding Industries, which is an alien faction hailing from the Exos System. It was made to transport individual important personnel around ESI outposts, shipyards etc, while also being able to transport personnel over medium distances.
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1 month ago
1 month ago
Oh nice, people noticed my stuff!
1 month ago
Get used to it! I can tell you have a lot of talent!
1 month ago
Thank you! and as a side note, this actually has an interior, containing an ammo crate (that holds 4 studs for the shooter), A placeholder minifigure, and a small control panel for the pilot. The middle panels can be opened up for interior access, and the top middle panel can be removed for maintenance. Might reduce the connection for said panel from 12 studs to 4. Also, this is based off of something I made in space engineers, and it is about half of minifig scale and proportionally too short.
1 month ago
If you play space engineers and you want this, you can find it on the steam workshop, as I did publish it.
1 month ago
I don't use Steam, but it's still awesome!
1 month ago
I feel like it has a bit of a flaw: It can only hold one minifig. This is kind of bad because the whole purpose of it is to be a VIP transport, not a one-person craft, so you would think it would have at least 2 figures.

This is why I am gonna make a minifig scale variant.
1 month ago
It reminds me of the imperial troop transport from the Force Awakens!
1 month ago
Well, first order transport. And I can see a few similarities, though even if minifig scale it's still quite a bit smaller than the FO transport. ESI does have a dropship/troop transport, however.
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