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What If...?
Published 3 months ago
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a li'l moc and a few stories I made depicting me from different dimensions where different things happened.

names (left to right):

Infected justy
Solar Ninja justy
Knife master justy
gangster justy
apocalypse justy


What If Element A7X took over?
in a world where the virus A7X reigned and took over the entire galaxy, justy was one of the initial subjects, and he was was virtually unstoppable. having the physique and agility of himself pre-infection, in a space of 80 years, he spread the virus to over 15 million beings. the last survivors of Element A7X were ChuckZillaTime, The_An0nym, Daedalus, and Guitarman2, but even they succomed to the unstoppable forces, once Cakery infected Chuck.

What If ChuckZillaTime quit?
in a world where ChuckZillaTIme actually retired from Mecabricks, justy accepted his role with a heavy heart, as well as the power of the sun. in this world, Fred, justy's archnemesis, became even more powerful by absorbing an incredibly small fraction of the power of the black hole at the center of this solar system, but was eventually defeated by the new solar ninja, at the expense of a sun in a different solar system.

What If justy dedicated his life to the art of knives?
in a world where justy trained constantly in the art of knifework, he trained students to follow in his footsteps, but they all went rogue and used their skills to topple governments and promote anarchy. but justy, having more experience than any of them in knifedom, was much better at all the knife skills that his students knew, and had mastered more skills than he had taught his students, so he tracked them down and snuffed them out. he wasn't seen again after completing this mission.

What If Bishop left?
in a world where Bishop1859 existed on the Mecabricks server, but never had a rise to fame in the MB community, he got bored with the site and left, he gave another unknown user power, that owned the name of justyouraveragebuilder. he changed his sigfig, and modified Bishop's signature vehicle, climber to a pshycadelic mess. then he gained popularity at a steady rate, producing models every once in a while, but really collecting more popularity by using his personality as a tool. his reality is basically the same as ours, but with a bishop-shaped hole in time, and many users dissapearing due to an unknown threat.

What If justy existed long, long ago?
in a world where it was 1930 in the Mecabricks world, justy, seeking a path in life, joined a gangster group called the "Statickers," who dedicated their lives to killing all government professionals of any kind, justy rebelled and ratted on them until the police came. unfortunately, the police lost and the Statickers, with a new sense of paranoia and cautiousness, moved from America to Canada, and continued their mission. Not able to take the stress of an oddball anymore, in a party celebrating the assasination of the current Mecabricks president, Laccrosse Swagson, justy climbed up on a ledge and gunned all of the Statickers in his sight down, but there was one survivor, the identity of which justy did not know, and they both lived in fear of eachother for the rest of their days, despite the fact that, ironically, neither made a move on the other in fear of them.

What If ju5ty won?
in a world where the computer virus that infected most of the users on Mecabricks, after ju5ty completely eradicated justy and usurped his position permanently, he then defeated THE MASTER and usurped his too as the ringleader of the Virus, another virus emerged, a digital version of Element A7X. the user A7X seemed to have returned and was promoting her website, which turned out to be a trap that turned all non-glitched users who clicked on it to turn into an exact replica of Travis, and they all worked together to spread the link everywhere. and in case you were wondering, the glitched users who clicked on it were just immediately booted right back out. when this Virus A7X was eventually discovered, it was too late. both sides tried again and again to destroy eachother, to no avail, for the A7X Army was indestructable, and the G1itched legi0n just lived on, after being defeated. this would have gone on forever as WWMB, in a battle between an unstoppable force and an immovable object. then a new user came who called himself legomaster6673, who seemed to be a bit annoying, and then, to the surprise of everyone he basically changed personalities because of a hacker, and made his own robot army, consisting of mainly terminators and tanks that were able to kill the A7X Army. sensing their weakness, the G1itched legi0n swooped in and helped defeat them once and for all. but then the attention of legomaster6673's hacker shifted to the new threat of this digital user virus, and attacked them instead. but the infected users still respawned and fought back, but not having staticking on their side, because he was infected by A7X and was killed by the 6673 Infantry, they couldn't defeat many of the troops. this went on for a long time. but there was one hope for the legi0n, a third, older virus with the initials Rd...

What If BOOM?
in a world where legomaster6383 never managed to gain control of his account in a universe completely different from the previous one, the hacker's forces dropped digi-nukes, killing off most users, except for justy, Wiz, staticking, Jaze, and Worriz. these five compatriots knew that the chances of them defeating this army that had basicaly won by themselves, would be infitessimal, even with static's unique ability to create weapons that can defeat them easily. their only hope would be the instance of the REAL legomaster6383 returning, which was unlikely because of the fact that the hacker had most definitely changed his password. but later on, a new possibility arised. in the MB data vault, there was a copy of every instance that ever happened onsite, even the deleted ones. they thought that if they could get to the vault, they could retrieve an AI copy of lm6383 and put him in the place of the hacker.

What If justy stayed JYARSB?
in a world where justy never came out of his just your average rugged snazzy builder phase, he time traveled back in time to warn himself in the past of his future, because despite having an epic bow tie and awesome stubble, he was unhappy and felt unreal. he then learned the hard way that messing with your own past can have consquences. as in, he wouldn't exist if he warned his past self that he would exist. then he wouldn't exist to tell himself that he would exist, so he would travel back in time to warn himself that he would exist. that paradox ensued, which started eating away the corners of the universe from the outside in, Nixing everything in it's path. but justy, sensing that danger, called apon help from the only person he knew that could stop it, rageb. in this universe, rageb had turned very evil and absorbed Freds powers, becoming the most powerful part of his name. justy had somehow managed to lock him up in a power-suspending prison. so justy called apon him for help, and rageb, knowing what was at stake, agreed to help him and save the universe. but it was too late, they were trapped forever in a small simulated house, with nothing to do except talk to eachother for all eternity.
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3 months ago
Can you remove me from this you DID NOT get permission
3 months ago
ah, just one thing, without your key plot points, the stories would suck.
3 months ago

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: You totally misspelled my name there, Greenie. It's "Random dude", not "RANDOM DUDE". Also, justy, don't use initials. They don't work on me, just say'n.

Me: Who cares. justy, this was actually a really cool idea. Mind if I make one someday?

Random dude: Bro, that would be terrible.

Me: Who cares! Wait... no it wouldn't.

Random dude: Oh, so the self proclaimed "Unlovable Loser" is admitting he can do something good.

Me: That was a rhetorical question.

Random dude: No it wasn't! Knock, it, off, bro.

Me: Yes, it once, hence the period.

Random dude: X-(


Random dude: I'm leaving.
3 months ago
I would love it if you made one! I had a lot of fun making this, and I really want to see people tak inspiration from my idea (which took inspiration from Wiz)!
3 months ago
@Justy Mine might take a bit longer to make, but I'll see what I can do
3 months ago
Oh my goodness!! this is awesome!!
Thank you so much for including me!!
And a even bigger thank you for including me in the apocalypse story!!
The idea of legomaster6383 never managed to gain control of his account is Awesome!!

Anyway, Speaking of the apocalypse story, Can I make a Minifigure of myself from the story??
3 months ago
I can gain control of my account

I'ma change my password now
3 months ago
@Worriz, one of the reasons I built this was to inspire other people, so go on ahead!
I can't wait to see what you make!
3 months ago
Thanks!! It's all done!!
I'm quite happy with it !!
3 months ago
Actually, mind if I make a What If…? model, too? (I have all 9 episodes planned!
Just so you know, my stories will be very different.
3 months ago
Oh yes!! That would by very good!!
3 months ago
Also, any idea when that Birthday model is coming out?

Not to… PRESSURE… you or anything.
3 months ago
Yeah, Have you opened your present yet?? I'm still waiting for my shirt back!!
3 months ago
Worriz - Do you only own the one shirt?
3 months ago
Well, Of course I have more shirts, But I only have one red shirt!!
3 months ago
let's just say I'm using Bishop's present wisely.

I haven't forgotten though!
3 months ago
This is really cool! I might make my own...

3 months ago
Is it ok if I make my own What if model??
I know I'm a wee bit late, but it took me some time to think of ideas!!
3 months ago
Thanks!! I'll get on it soon!!
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