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P.0 Ep.5 Armor Industries Tour
Published 10 months ago
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"And this, over here, is the very machine that the now famous Iron Plate got stuck in..."
The tour guide blabbed on.
"So, why are we here?" MOCmaster whispered to me in the back of the group.
"So that we can find some answers of who Penguana0 is." I replied back.
"I'm happy you came on such a short notice, a mark of true friendship."
"Hey, if someone asked me to sneak around a robot factory with them, and go in places we're not suppose to be, I'd go, regardless whether I'm friends with them or not." MOCmaster Whispered to me.
"Okay, let's go." I said to them.
I led ApocalypticBrick and MOCmaster to the office door.
"What if it's locked?" MOCmaster asked me.
"I guess we'd have to pick it." I replied.
"Guys, it's not locked."
We both looked at AB, who was holding the door ajar.
"Let's go in."

The office was clean, but with a cluttered desk, and a extremely full filing cabinet. We each picked a drawer and started rummaging through the years of forgotten papers that were filed away.
"Guys! I found something!" MOCmaster exclaimed.
"What is it?" AB and I both asked at the same time.
"This one guy owns a dog, look, it says here, see?" MM said to us.
"Okay, let's get back to work." Commanded AB.
I started pulling out papers at random, then putting them back.
"wait guys, I found something, for real this time." MOCmaster's voice declared. "See? look, here, at the top of the paper: Rosalyn Penguana.
"Let's see, married, worked in the repair department, and...
"...Has been dead four years."

MM broke the silence first.
"Anyone know a guy who can visit the dead?"

"Yes, actually, there is a guy..." Came AB's reply.

So that was part five of my P.0 series, which I did NOT forget about, it's just we've all been busy with people leaving and with the Corruption. Thank you to MOCmaster and ApocalypticBrick for joining me on my adventure!

I know this chapter wasn't very exciting, but there will probably be better ones in the future!
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10 months ago
looking good. can I be in the story? If so, then you can decide what I do in the story.
10 months ago
Thanks for adding me, a mark of true friendship!

I like how i was kinda comic relief for a while! XD!
Can't wait to see your next one!
10 months ago
@1OF: Thanks! And yeah, make an outfit of yourself labeled 'Animal Armor' or 'Penguana0' for me to use, or if you want, I could just use your normal sig fig.
@MM: Thank you, and you're welcome!
By the pattern I'm going by, the next chapter probably won't be for another three months. XD
10 months ago
*tries to pose you rolling behind the desk*
*accidentally makes you in some weird flop position*
10 months ago
Sure thing BrickBot!

But that reminds me, I need to make the next chapter in my ninjago story!
10 months ago
10 months ago
You never asked to be part of the story.
I'd be happy to put you in the next chapter though.
10 months ago
I got a job Promotion,
I am now a king.
10 months ago
Though, Do I have to design another character for it?
Plus, I never new this existed until I saw this chapter.
10 months ago
Nice! I wondered if you were still continuing this, its awesome story and I'm excited to finally see more! (I'm already excited for the next chapter 3 months from now!!
Btw, what happened to MOCmaster, he looks like someone shot him.
10 months ago
I think I'm searching the floor for clues!
10 months ago
@KindNerdz: If you want to, but you don't have to.
@AwesomeBrix: Thank you! I was trying to make him rolling behind the desk, but the posing was really hard.

Maybe he is just searching for clues.
10 months ago
Your welcome! Yeah, I could see how it might look like that....
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