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Venator Hangar
Published 1 year ago
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Obi wan and the 212th Attack Battalion are preparing to land on utapau and arrest the seperatist leaders and the malicious General Grievous.

An enormous thank you to Echolord_0408 who made the prints of several of the clones and cody. Please check out his "Channel" (idk what to call these) and take a look at his designs and Coruscant MOC!

There is one easter egg which has a story behind it. The hangar part is one of the first things I have ever made and I am very proud of its design.

Have a wonderful day, happy hunting and enjoy the build!
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1 year ago
I just realised this came under renderings which i find a bit strange as i googled it in 5 seconds! It certainly looks strange on the front page amongst all the beautiful art.

Please comment if you think it should be there or most likely not as i am interested to hear your opinions.
1 year ago
I must say though I am proud that it made it!
1 year ago
I have decided to remove the rendering.
1 year ago
Has anyone found the easter egg yet?
1 year ago
Haven't found the easter egg yet but really nice job!
1 year ago
Is it perhaps Obi-wan's hair in the cockpit?
1 year ago
It is Vampirish well done! The story behind it is, there was a glitch when removing the original obi wan from the cockpit and the hair lost its "hit box" so i left it there as the easter egg.
1 year ago
Been-Jammin, remove the image at once. Irrelevant images shall not be posted in the rendering section.
1 year ago
I aam not sure if this is just me, but I cant see the clones faces!!!
1 year ago
The custom prints were deleted.
1 year ago
Thants a shame

Why is that?
1 year ago
Ok then!

Thank you very much!!
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