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The Antarctic Apocalypse Story Character Introduction: BrickBot2.0
Published 9 months ago
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So, first I want to thank Lego_Lover for letting me do my own character introduction, and for making The Antarctic Apocalypse in the first place.
Thanks L_L!
Now, onto the story.

As many of you know, I was originally from Pluto. Y'know, the dwarf planet that recently got kicked outta our solar system because it's too small. You probably already know about the dinosaurs, how we run everything with Plutonium, ect.
Well, the day happened that we had to evacuate. Some rupture in Pluto's core had taken place, so we had to leave. The dinos knew this would happen years before it did, and were prepared to leave.
During the evacuation though, I was late, and was caught in the black hole that Pluto became. Setting the thrusters to full, I managed to get out of there alive. Unfortunately, it took all the Plutonium I had to get out. Because of the zero gravity in space, I was still zooming along, but with no way to steer. I eventually crashed into Earth, which was oddly cold. Confused, I stumbled out of the wreckage of my ship. The damage was beyond repair, plus I had nothing to power it with. I was lost, in the freezing cold, no Plutonium to power to suit, no food to give me strength, I passed out.
I woke up later in a bed, a small crowd of people around me. Someone spoke to me.
"Hey, are you alright? I found you in the wreckage of a spaceship while foraging."
My reply: "Where am I? Who are you? What happened?"
The tall one: "I'm Lego_Lover, this is ApocalypticBrick, he's the one that rescued you, TheCJbricker is over there, and that's Chris Jones."
"Welcome to Earth, or at least, what's left of it. Now who are you?"
Me: "My name is BrickBot2.0, I came from Pluto."
I then proceeded to fill them in about everything that happened to me.
L_L: "I've heard weirder stories."
CJ: "Well, you're here now. Everyone has a job. I'm sure once you're feeling better, you can start helping."
Me: "Sure, you guys saved my life. Anything."
L_L: "Are you any good at combat? We could use more protectors."
Me: "No, I'm terrible at fighting. But show me a screwdriver and some scraps and I'll show you a spaceship. The dinosaurs taught me quite a bit."
I decided to join AB's crew, and I lived in his hut for awhile until I was able to make my own, from the spaceship parts he managed to salvage. He even found some old scarves and clothes to keep me warm, as my Pluto suit now doesn't have anything to power it, and my toolbox from my ship.
I became friendly with the rest of the group in the antarctic camp.
I kept up with my duties, and helped where I could with the engineering.

Sorry it was such a long story, but I had this idea and I thought it would be cool.
I hope I didn't make myself too much of a big character.
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9 months ago
If you’re not a big character you can join me
9 months ago
We’ll make an ice village or something
9 months ago
Well I’m not a big character so if you aren’t either we could make a mini storyline or something
9 months ago
Cool story!
Also can I join WyndGekko?
9 months ago
Nice! One of your best backstories yet!
9 months ago

Thanks so much for mentioning me, and putting me in your Story!!

WG; I don’t really know if we should split up into tribes in the Storyline. We’re actually supposed to stick together in the Storyline. So..... yeah.
9 months ago
I think splitting up would be a good idea, I mean, we don’t want the huts thing all over again.
9 months ago
@WyndGekko: Oh, cool! I like the sound of the mini-story idea. Although L_L has a point, so just as long as we don't have to split up!

@MOCmaster: Thanks dude!
@AwesomeBrix78: Thanks bud!
@Lego_Lover: Thanks friend! And you're welcome!
9 months ago
You are most welcome BB!
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