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The Escape: Chapter 5
Published 6 months ago
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“Alright, listen up!” Op said. “We’ll set a sensor beacon up 20 meters from this position. Lax, you’re in charge of scanning and telling your sharpshooters where those mines are. After we disable one of those mines, we’ve got 5 minutes tops before clankers come flooding out of that outpost. Gman, you stay here and provide cover in case they come early. Dragon, you’re with me and Wilder. Understood?”
“Sir, yes sir!” All of Raven squad responded.
“Good. Now, who’s the fastest runner?”
“Probably me,” Wilder responded casually.
“Great,” Op said with a smile in his voice. “Go place that sensor beacon.”
“Hmph,” Wilder scoffed. “Now, shinies. Watch how the pros do it.”
He vaulted over the downed tri-droid and sprinted towards the outpost. Skidding to a stop, he placed the sensor beacon and started running back. Within 10 seconds, Wilder was back behind the tri-droid and barely breathing hard.
“Not bad,” Op remarked.
“Thanks,” Wilder responded.
“Alright, Lax. Show your ‘sharps’ where those mines are.”
“Yes sir!”
Lax started to list off coordinates from the data-pad he was looking at.
“Wait!” Gman yelled.
“What?” Op and Wilder asked simultaneously.
“We’ve got a way to get to the outpost, do you have a way to get in?”
“I thought we were just going to make it up on the fly,” Wilder responded.
“Seems like a terrible plan, but okay.”
“What would you have us do instead?” Op asked with interest. He normally didn’t like taking orders from others, especially shinys, but Gman seemed like he had a good idea.
“Okay, here’s the problem. Clankers will come out of that outpost as soon as we disable the mines, like you said. But what if they can’t?”
“What are you getting at, Shiny?” Wilder asked.
“Well, see this tri-walker here? It seems like some of the weapons are still intact. Dragon is pretty good with circuit boards, I think he could figure out a way to fire them.”
Op and Wilder looked at each other and smiled under their helmets. “Good work, cadet. Now, Dragon, you think you can do it?” Op asked.
Dragon looked closer towards the fallen and battered tri-walker. He noticed the rockets were still full and saw a few loose wires.
“Hmm, maybe. There’s some damage, so the conventional ways probably won’t work. How did you take this thing down anyway? I don’t see any heavy blaster marks, just some heat scarring.”
Op and Wilder glanced at each other.
“Some other time. Any progress?”
“Yeah, I think I figured out-” Dragon was cut off by blaster fire, and the sound of droids marching towards their hideout.
“Uh-oh,” Wilder muttered. The cadets seemed terrified.
“What do we do!?” Asked Lover, fear in his voice.
“Lover, Gman, get up on that ridge so we have some sniping positions,” said Op, pointing to the ridge off to their side.
“Lax, Green, Wilder, you’re with me,” said Op.
“We’ll give Dragon cover fire while he’s fixing up this tri-droid if the droids get too close.”
“Once you get that up and running, we can use it to fight back against the droids.”
“Sir, yes sir!” Lax, Dragon, and Green responded.
“Everyone, fan out!” Op yelled, preparing for the coming battle.
“We’re ready, sir,” said Lax and Green, with Lax propping up his Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon and Green propping up his DC-15S.
“Green and Wilder, I want you two firing from behind this mound of dirt,” said Op.
“Lax, you’ll be positioned where that tri-droid leg is. But, I don’t want you out in the open area, so try to keep your body behind the barricade while still firing down at the droids.”
Wilder had been using his rangefinder to track the droids’ movements. “1,000 meters away,” said Wilder.
“1,000 meters away,” Lax echoed, using the comms so Gman and Lover knew as well.
“700 meters,”
“600 meters,”
“Everyone ready?” asked Op through the commlinks.
A yep came from each soldier.
“500 meters,”
“Prepare your weapons!” yelled Op.
“400 meters,”
“300 meters,”
“They’re closing in!”
“The Tri-Droid is fixed!” said Dragon.
It started to awaken, slowly at first but then fast, and all of a sudden, a droid with three legs was towering over them all.
“I should be able to program it to attack those droids,” said Dragon.
“Do it quickly!” said Op.
“200 meters,”
“Almost got it”
“100 meters,”
“Done!” said Dragon in a relieved voice.
“Everyone take your positions!” yelled Op.
“The droids are in range. Fire on my order.”

Members of this chapter:

@Dragon_Rider06 as Dragon
@Guitarman2 as Gman
@Greenflame24 as Green
@LaxsCCStudios as Lax
@Lego_Lover as Lover
@-LWProductions- as Wilder
@Operator011 as Op


Gman and Lover both have DC-15's(the long guns) and are running to the ridge
Wilder has his rangefinder down and is tracking the droids' movements
Op is talking to Dragon
Dragon is fixing the Tri-Droid
Lax has a Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon and Green has a DC-15S


Credit to @Guitarman2 for designing the guns on the clones, helping me with the writing, and designing Op and Wilder!

Credit to @Operator011 for helping me with the writing as well!

Credit to @Empire_1 and @Echolord_0408 for the custom prints!
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6 months ago
Happy to read this next chapter!
Very nice!
6 months ago
been waiting for this one! cool chapter!
6 months ago
First up, I love the purple armour! It looks so cool!
Great writing! Not top-heavy on description, you use dialogue very well to describe the scene. (Something I'm still working on.)
It's very engaging! Great work!
6 months ago
Since their may be a bad guy could I be him??? Nice job Lax!
6 months ago
G_V: Thank you!

justy: Yep. There's another one planned after this one, except there are a few plots we have set, but can't decide on.

Slim: Thank you very much!

D_R: Thank you! I like it too! Thanks! That means a lot coming from an awesome writer like you

L_T: I stopped letting people join months ago, and the people who asked to join won't be in it, considering I got rid of that idea. But, some people may be mentioned, but again, I stopped letting people join, so no, you can't be.
6 months ago
Awesome! I love how things are going in the chapters!
6 months ago
please don't self advertise on Lax's model
6 months ago
No, I don't want to see it.
Do not self-advertise your models on my models.
6 months ago
It's just a render I made based off of this chapter
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