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8654-1: Scuderia Ferrari Truck
Published 10 months ago
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This set is multi-build, and my Mecabricks model includes both of them. It’s 99% correct, just a couple of missing wheel hubs and tires replaced with same-sized alternatives. And, of course, all the stickers are missing.

The one tiny MOC-alteration I made is in the front grille of the truck, where I added a few bricks with similar stickers to have IVECO grille and some Ferrari Scuderia branding.

Everything is clearly grouped for easy navigation.


https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=8654stk01& - Sticker sheet

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'Lego Racers' series began in Fall 2001 to promote the eponymous video game "Lego Racers 2" and the next year's sequel, "Drome Racers" (on PC, PlayStation 2, and Gameboy Advance). Thus, for the first few years, most Lego Racers models focused solely on the game universe characters and scenes.

Before too soon, Lego Racers started to expand beyond the virtual reality—in 2002, a truly epic "Williams F1 Team Racer" set no. 8461 came out: an officially licensed replica of a real-life racing vehicle, with almost 1.5k bricks, a detailed V10 engine, functional steering, etc.

In 2004, Lego turned to one of the most iconic automotive brands and Formula 1 teams of all time—Scuderia Ferrari. This collaboration was truly outstanding, with top-quality builds and excellent designs, it's probably as far as mid-2000s Lego models ever went in complexity, accuracy, and attention to detail.

All sets from this Lego Racers subtheme came with an 'Official Licensed Product' badge from Ferrari, which I'm sure is very expensive and difficult to earn. The only significant flaw is a complete absence of decals. All decoration elements, including minifigures, are just stickers on the sheet! (I only wonder if this was a purely cost-reduction measure, or an attempt to simplify a nightmarish cycle of revisals and approvals they undoubtedly had to go through with Ferrari brand managers.)

This set no. 8654 "Scuderia Ferrari Truck" came out in 2005, and is probably one of my favorites! At this point, Lego Racers Ferrari collection had seven models, including two Technic sets in 1:10 scale, "Ferrari F1 Racer" no. 8386 and "Enzo Ferrari" no. 8653, and the "Ferrari F1 Pit Set" no. 8375 I recently added on Mecabricks. Check this 2005 Lego catalog's centerfold with these sets displayed beautifully: https://images.brickset.com/library/view/?f=catalogues/c05uk&p=66

What stands out most is how sturdy and monumental the Iveco Trailer Truck is, one of the most structurally-complex Lego vehicles I ever built outside of Technics! It has 650 parts: an advanced build with multiple moving parts, an exact number of bricks for each step indicated in the manual, etc.

The truck's cabin rests on a heavy-weight chassis. Access is through a roof that opens on hinges, together with windshield stands; there are no doors or glassed windows. Also, it's worth noting that the cabin is incredibly tight height-wise, and barely fits a minifig even without any headwear, let alone in the cap or helmet.

The trailer is enormous! Two side skirts reveal a massive six-wheeled chassis with a retractable stand to park the vehicle without a truck. Backwall opens up and acts as an unloading ramp. The entire sidewall and roof open up as one solid element, revealing the interior.

Aside from the Trailer Truck and F1 Racer (which is identical to most other sets in the Lego Racers Ferrari collection), there are a bunch of accessories to fill a roomy trailer: luggage & service carts, with a complete set of tools, spare wheels, extra engine cover on a stand, a jack for the F1 Racer, etc.

The "Scuderia Ferrari Truck" is also a multi-build, so the fun goes on! The booklet comes with a second set of instructions to build a fully-equipped 'Ferrari Garage' and a few original accessories of its own.

That's when a seemingly excessive inventory for the Trailer begins to make sense. Six large, 8x16 flat tiles turn into the floor; massive 8x16x2 bricks form a back wall. Two side skirts became a Tribune that sits separately aside from the garage. Ingenious solution. I have to say, the secondary build in some ways is almost better than the actual Scuderia Truck! The second build utilizes most of the bricks, so there are less than 100 loose parts left after completing the garage.

The alternative build's manual curiously covers a partial disassembly process (retrofitting the Truck and turning it into a flatbed with towing gear for F1 Racer), which is not something I came across that much in Lego booklets over the years. The build process is engaging, time-consuming, but never dull or repetitive; as far as the final outlook, even without most of the stickers, both models look just excellent: detailed, realistic, attractive.

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8375-1: Ferrari F1 Pit Set
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