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JustYourAverageBuilder's game.
Published 3 weeks ago
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Greetings Just your average builder.
You have awoken in a room, chained to a pipe in the room. You have a saw in your hand.
Your goal is to get away. Will you be cutting off your foot, or staying there until you die of starvation. Begin when you please.
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okay, now for my time to think...
I see you've taken my sigfig fom a model in which it was posed, so considering this, you might be a user who knew me prior to you accoun't creation, and needs revenge?
or maybe Thanatos has made another account?
3 weeks ago
Neither. You are a random participant who needs to choose how you would live.
ok, I would cut the chain!
if there's a door, I would try my best to cut that off too, if I couldn't, I would weaken it, if there were any guards or something, I would use it as a weapon, if I encountered you though... I would pretty much just give up.
3 weeks ago
(how Justy survives) *snaps fingers* *big thugs arrive* I don't need to explain the rest
3 weeks ago
It might not be my game, but hey, just cut the pipe because it's easier to cut than chain and voila
2 weeks ago
No not you, the guy who is making these models it’s so pathetic and stupid
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