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06.5 - Dance Puppet, Dance!
Published 2 months ago
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06.5 - Dance Puppet, Dance!

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

It was just after he had done his first few steps that he remembered that not even a grenade launcher could dent his armor. Cakery turned around, ready to fight the orange figure. A guard had trouble even getting a tiny crack into his armor. What would this clown be able to do to him? Cakery stood broad in the hallway, the orange figure getting steadily closer. Cakery braced himself for impact, hoping to fend him long enough for the others to escape. To Cakery’s surprise, the orange figure had other plans. While Cakery was bracing himself for impact, he jumped, did a few steps on the wall, and then turned upside down. Midair, he turned his body the right way around, his back facing towards Cakery. The moment he hit the ground, he began running after the others, not even trying to attack Cakery. All Cakery could say in the short moment that this happened was an out of breath, “Wha…?”. It took him a short while to process what had happened, and then another while until he moved again.
“Get back here!” Cakery shouted, and ran after him, but the orange figure was too fast for him.

“What… What do you mean?” LoganLin asked.
“Exactly what I said: Dance, my puppet, dance!” BlackBlade exclaimed.
“Stop this nonsense! There is no way we even know if you really can activate the bombs,” General_Veers exclaimed.
“Want to bet?” BlackBlade asked, then chuckled again. LoganLin shook his head furiously.
“N-no…” General_Veers murmured and took a step back. BlackBlade had complete power over the group.
“Alright… Now, my puppet,” BlackBlade continued,”Dance! And do it quick or that will have been the last time you’ve disobeyed me,”
“Dance…? Why though?” LoganLin asked. BlackBlade gave him his usual chuckle.
“Because you are partying, right? You’ve found the portal, the system is gone, and there is nothing to stop you anymore!” he exclaimed.
“But what about…?” LoganLin began, but was quickly silenced by a quick hush of BlackBlade.
“Dance, or die. The choice is yours, but decide quickly, since I won’t be patient with you anymore,” he said. Scared of death, LoganLin began swinging his arms awkwardly, while his feet were still frozen to the floor, which BlackBlade seemed to notice.
“How about a little tap dance?” he asked. LoganLin begged his feet to start working again, but they stubbornly resisted his pleas.
“Why aren’t you doing it? Come on puppet! Dance!” BlackBlade ordered.
“My feet won’t move,” LoganLin said in a small voice.
“What did you say, puppet?” BlackBlade asked happily. Finally LoganLin’s foot moved, ever so slowly, to perform one single tap. BlackBlade bent down and inspected the foot that had performed the single tap.
“Are you mocking me?” he asked. LoganLin, too scared to say something, tapped his foot again.
“There we go! Faster!” BlackBlade exclaimed enthusiastically.
“Make way!” a voice shouted from behind. BlackBlade turned around, just to be greeted by SuperPup1’s gun. BlackBlade chuckled again.
“Most amusing,” he sighed. ZekarLegoWarrior and LoganLin were shaking their heads, while BrickGuy covered his eyes. Duckduckguz just stood there, still processing the situation, and General_Veers was leaning against the wall, having a heavy headache, which was probably a side effect from going into that brain-washing capsule.
“You see… The vest that Lilly, I mean, Loggy is wearing right now–,” BlackBlade began, but SuperPup1 smashed his gun into his helmet hard enough to make a few cracks. BlackBlade collapsed immediately to the ground, unconscious.
“What did you want to say?” SuperPup1 asked. LoganLin let out a long sigh of relief.
“He wanted to tell you how he could detonate LoganLin’s vest at will,” ZekarLegoWarrior explained.
“Oh…” SuperPup1 said, then felt stupid for almost risking his friend’s life. BrickAssassain7, who was holding BlackFlame49, Happy097 and BlueFlame56 arrived from around the corner, taking in the scene with a quick glance, and then stared at the magnificent portal.
“Why don’t you take the vest off?” SuperPup1 suggested.
“It’ll explode if I do that,” LoganLin replied.
“Oh… What if we–?” SuperPup1 began, but LoganLin shook his head.
“No one here except Anon has any experience about this stuff, but we haven’t been able to contact him anymore. If we try anything, the bombs may detonate, and it’s not a risk I like taking,” he replied.
“I understand… We’ve also had no luck reaching Anon… And we also have this piece of luggage,” SuperPup1 said, pointing at BlackFlame49, lying uselessly on the floor.
“What happened to him?” LoganLin asked.
“No one knows…” SuperPup1 replied.

[End of 06.5]
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1 month ago
Loganlin, points at blackflame49, 'you dead man' blackflame49 'ya man'
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