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Me in my Desert Suit
Published 2 years ago
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So, this is my desert suit, just as Lego_Lover made one (You're so inspiring
The suit's colors allow for easy camouflage. The helmet has enhanced radar night vision goggles, and build it hydrator.
Rugere skin pouch allows for valuables to stay safe.
I have a scarf to keep me warm at night, and a (stolen
) high-def scope twenty caliber sniper's keep rifle to keep me alive the rest of the time.
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2 years ago
Nice! That's a very cool gun, who'd ya steal it from?
2 years ago
But this isn't you jungle suit!
2 years ago
AAAANNNNDDDD.... I just realized we are all wearing the same trousers!
(palm to the face)
2 years ago
@AwesomeBrix: Thanks! Y'know when they were filming those stormtroopers on Tatooine? Their guns are real!

@MOCmaster: Thanks you! And whoops-a-daisy. I gotta fix that.
Nansbrick is also wearing these pants, but with one leg different.
2 years ago
You stole from a Stormtrooper?!
How dare you!!
Also maybe I should make one of these, with different pants though.
2 years ago
I'd be funny if we all had the same trousers. let's do that!
2 years ago
Oh, Thanks man! I am so glad I can inspire people to make things!!!!

And, you look amazing my fellow Robot Dude!!
2 years ago
@AB78: He wasn't using it at the time!

@Nansbrick: Thanks bud!
@MOCmaster: XD
@Lego_Lover: Yes, you're great! Thanks for the compliment!
2 years ago
Ya know that's still stealing right? unless you asked him...
2 years ago
He's a stormtrooper. A bad guy.
2 years ago
But by stealing his stuff, you would be a criminal, otherwise known as a bad guy.
2 years ago
Not if he stole it first!
Which I don't think he did...
Because of me, he couldn't kill any of Luke's relatives!
2 years ago
Well, unless it belonged to you, and you were taking it back, its still stealing. Also how can you be sure he wasn't going to use it for good purposes? What if he planned to betray the evil empire, and now because of you, he can't use that gun to overthrow Darth Vader and help the Rebels!?
2 years ago
Ooh, didn't think of that.
But if he had, then the Star Wars movies would be so much more boring! Ans waaaaaay shorter.
I could've potentially saved LucasFilms.
2 years ago
Your okay with people dying for your entertainment?!
Jk, then there wouldn't have been as many Lego star wars sets and minifigs, soooo I guess you were right to steal his gun... (It pains me to say this, but you win.
2 years ago
I did a Snow Cam one!
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