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Chase on Corellia
Published 8 months ago
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Corellia – 24 BBY

“Agent Veers to Operator! We are chasing an outlaw in sector D12. He’s aiming West to sector C11 or C12. Warn all checkpoints to close their gates and look for a modified green jumpspeeder.”
Dodging left and right, sometimes also up, to avoid other vehicles, their target was keeping a crazy pace which indicated clearly that he knew this neighborhood almost by heart.

Tien Aro would certainly not have been pleased by the word “outlaw”. The young man was however in a terrible situation… worse than ever. He had always defied the imperial authority, but this time was different. If he was caught by the Imperial City Patrol of Coronet, he would go to jail for a few weeks.
He rushed by the repair shop of his friend Kikawa the Wookie and accelerated a bit more, avoiding being hit by a blaster shot from behind. He knew where he had to go to lose his pursuers.

A few more streets ahead, and the checkpoint to sector C12 was in sight. Tien suddenly turned left in a narrow alley and kept on turning in small streets to disturb the two patrollers. He finally emerged in a larger avenue and turned left again – to the south.
“C13! It’s C13!” yielded Agent Veers in his helmet comm.
But it was too late. Tien had managed to get close to this checkpoint and crossed it before the troopers could react. He was now on open air, rushing by a large canal amongst lots of slow barges loaded with all kinds of merchandises. A couple of minutes more at high speed and he would reach the “jungle”, a huge logistics area that was a real maze of containers under constant frantic activity. It was the perfect place to hide.

He drove haphazardly through this maze of containers, causing a few people and droïds to scream and to beep angrily, until he noticed one open container in which he rushed; when he was in, he stopped his speeder abruptly and jumped on the command panel to close the container. At this time, the two patrollers had lost ground and could not notice his maneuver.
Now, all he had to do was wait and hope that they would not find him, and ultimately stop looking after him. In absolute darkness and silence, he could only hear noises from the activity all around him. Every sudden sound made him jump and fear that he would be discovered… but no. He finally decided to carefully open the door. It was night outside. Activity had decreased. Leaving his speeder there, he tried to find a discreet way out of the area. As he passed by an unoccupied surveillance booth, he took a jacket and a helmet from the logistics crew, which gave him more confidence to get out of here unnoticed.

It was nearly dawn when Tien stopped in front of an anonymous door. He had to walk for a long time, with much precautions to avoid imperial patrols. He pushed a button and waited a few seconds.
“Who’s there?” asked a grumpy voice through the comm.
“Woom, it’s me, Tien… I really need your help here…”
“It’s certainly not a proper time to wake up a Drabatan, but for the sake of our friendship, I’ll let you in.”
The door opened and Tien got in. Seeing is exhausted face, Woom knew that it was serious business. He told Tien to follow him in the kitchen and made him a hot beverage, typical from his home planet Pipada – it tasted better than it smelled, thought Tien after thanking his friend.
“So, what’s the trouble?” asked Woom after a couple of minutes.
“Imperials are after me… Please do not ask why… But I cannot go back home and neither go back to work at Sienar. I think I need to leave Corellia.”
“Well, I always thought that you would come up one day and tell me this!” answered Woom with a smile (a strange thing to see on his large mouth). “You know that I can get you out of here. I have fake IDs for such cases.”
“Thanks, Woom… But I cannot pay right now…”
“Do not worry, my friend. You’ll work for me for a while, as a payment of your debt. I need to settle a deal for a last batch of merchandise, and we can go in two days. Meanwhile you can hide here if you want.”
“Thank you so much, Woom… I will pay my debt; you can count on that”.

Two days later as promised, Woom took Tien to his ship, the “Silver Spike”, a YT-2400 freighter fully loaded with contraband goods. A R5 astromech droïd welcomed his master cheerfully.
“Hello R5!” answered Woom. “Now Tien, get on board. Time to go.”
Tien looked back one last time at his birth planet – would he come back? He followed the Drabatan on the footbridge, hearing him tell to R5:
“Let’s go, droïd friend! Set the course to Lah’mu!”

*** To Be Continued ***

2nd chapter: “The idol on Ozu” https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1k2q1N0P2E0
3rd chapter: "Smuggling on Lah'mu" https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/1XjdVP3Za8b

PS: have you spotted Han and Qi’ra dreaming about a better future?
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8 months ago
WOW! Just... WOW. That's pretty amazing, dude!
7 months ago
Awesome! I didn't see Solo, but this is still a cool Moc!
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