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Mecabricks Stories #2
Published 6 months ago
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I am SnapStudio, and here is the second edition of Mecabricks Stories, where we reveal users’ stories for the very first time! Today we have one Mecabricks User to interview, Bishop1859!

Here is the story...

After getting tired of using digital designer on my grandma's slow computer, I searched desperately for something good. After many tries and fails something came up, Mecabricks. I looked and it seemed good. I opened the workshop and made something that I had made in real life, my custom Imperial Gunship. After a while, I made more models. And soon after, I would go on to meet some amazing people like ApocalypticBrick, BrickBot2.0, Awesomebrix78, MOCmaster, and many more!

Bishop is my middle name [and my dad's] and 1859 is a family number that I put my own spin on it! [It used to be 0185 or 185])

And there you have it folks, the third Mecabricks Story! Stay tuned, because there is more to come.

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6 months ago
Glad to hear it! How’s your story coming?
6 months ago
I haven't really thought about it tbh. I'll work on it more.
6 months ago
Nice work!

It's quite interesting how other users found this site!
6 months ago
Looks really good and interesting! Great Job, SnapStudios!
6 months ago
I found this site while looking at a stupid minifigure. What a difference.
6 months ago
I found this great creation while looking at the worlds worst one
6 months ago
Thanks, yours is coming up soon!
6 months ago
Very nice!

Thanks for letting me on!

(Sry I couldn't get to this earlier!)
6 months ago
Oh, it is fine, and you're welcome!
6 months ago
hey do you want to be in my news
6 months ago
Hmmm...I saw the post, great work on the build!
What would you have me do?
6 months ago
hmm i thank idk you choose gonkaworker02 left he was forced off rip
5 months ago
Your new sig fig is making you look mad at my presence! XD
5 months ago
Yeah, I’m actually being defensive because supposedly this shows the first time I had seen you!
5 months ago
SnapStudios: Bishop should be arriving any moment now, I can't wait to meet him!
*Text message*
Bishop1859: yo can you open up your studio's roof?
Snap: Okay, sure! (For whatever reason...)
*Snap uses a remote to open the roof*
Snap: I wonder why he wanted that?
*Bishop swiftly drops in*
Bishop: Hellooooo!!!

Snap: Whattheheck!? *Puts fists up in defence*
Bishop: I'm here for the telling of the stori-
Snap: Oh my gosh, I thought I was being attacked!
Bishop: Oh, sorry to, ᗪ尺ㄖ卩 丨几 like that...
*Badum ching*
5 months ago
Hey mecabricks community im not able yocbe on as much please biew my build and comment i want my name with at least a 20 replaceing my name.P.S REEKID
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