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Me For Aocast
Published 2 months ago
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Some of the information isn’t the same as it is in real life. Just thought I’d let y’all know.

Team: Beta
Name- First: Liam
Name-Last: Allen
Age: 17 (Turning 18)
Date of Birth: August 28
Sexuality: Straight
Gender: Male
Bio: Clutch grew up in a city filled with crime. After his parents, siblings, and friends were all killed during a large shooting and his right arm got shot and it had to get replaced with a prosthetic arm. He swore to protect the city from crime after this moment. At age 16, the criminals chased him out of the city and he decided not to come back again. He took training in various other locations and eventually became a great fighter with great brains.
Illnesses/Weakness: Often gets mad when the people he’s working with screw up, doesn’t like to talk about his past, likes to stay alone.
Strengths: Can use just about any weapon (preferably a light sword or gun), very quick, super smart
Extra Info: An extroverted introvert. He likes the company of people, but often likes to stay alone.| He prefers light weighted weapons because they help him move quicker.|(IMPORTANT->) Also, he prefers not to be called by his real name. He would rather be called his nickname, Clutch.
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2 months ago
You're welcome!
2 months ago
very nice, we have our final member of Beta/Bravo!
2 months ago
I recolored one of the next knights swords
4 weeks ago
@dalegoboss I just started The Assassin's Awakening now! Check it out!
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