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a mecabricxian world *CANCELED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*
Published 7 months ago
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welcome to the kick-starter of my new project of the kingdom of Mecabricks! These were inspired by the great Greenflame24s random minifigures.
which I will be working on over the course of 2021 - 2023 (that far of year

here are the roles you can have

Knight Rogue Merchant Citizen
100+ models 40+ models 30+ 0+
90+ storage 50+ storage 36+ storage 0+
10+ official renders 7+ 5+ 0+
____________________________________________________________________ Colors
Black, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Dark Green, Purple and Yellow, and brown.

thank you the reason being for these new rules is this is going to be a world not an army.

Good bye God bless!
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7 months ago
I guess, it might make it look like some of peoples skin....
7 months ago
but if you want it thats fine i'll add it
7 months ago
I'll definitely join this once I post my 100th model.
i am doing something else very similiar to this. can i be like a forest man instead of a knight, or do i need to be a knight, it's good either way
7 months ago
What’s wrong with magic, @LegoMaster? Are you from a family that doesn’t like fantasy with magic? If so, I respect that.
7 months ago
Can I join this particular clan?
7 months ago
Wait... no magic? “Magic is just science we don’t understand!” So... can I just call him a scientist?
7 months ago
Nice work on the weapons
7 months ago
@Dgards, Thank you.

@Ninjacatz, sure if you want to you can.
7 months ago
I will be making samples for the other clans soon.
7 months ago
Can I still join?
7 months ago
ok people from now on you can only be a knight if you have 100+ models or over 90% of your storage or 10 official renders.
7 months ago
reason being is that this is a mecabrixian world not an army
7 months ago
Fire do I have a problem then? My storage is very full, i only have i think 5 official renders and arround 60 models. Or am i close enough that it doesnt matter?
7 months ago
Nvm i didnt see the knight part, my character wasnt a knight so it doesnt matter. Im sorry
7 months ago
@Amyoak your fine don't worry about it
you can keep your old sigfig for this or you can make a new one via the new requirements.

@justy, ik its weird most people won't have yellow skin so hopefully it will work out
6 months ago
Its still open... although i will be slowing down on production due to family issues
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