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New Avengers Chapter 5: Battle Against Taskmaster - FINALE!
Published 4 months ago
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They all charged at him

Taskmaster: "This is going to be a blast."

Falcon went first but Taskmaster slashed at Falcon cracking the side of his helmet, grabbed his gun, and shot into Morgan's repulsor but she used the other as he quickly went under grabbing her wrist as it shot the top of the Plane cutting it in half

Lawson Rogers: "Shoot..."

Colin quickly tried jumping onto the other side to help Falcon and Morgan but Taskmaster quickly slashed Colin's Arm (Non-Metal) while diving jumping onto the other side of the Plane. making him distracted forcing him to have to grab onto the plane with his metal arm.

Lawson Rogers: "COLIN!"

Taskmaster: "Like I said..."

Taskmaster: "This is going to be a blast..."

Lawson charged at him in rage

Taskmaster smirked, as he kicked Lawson's shield away.

Taskmaster: "How about we do this--"

Colin finally got back up and Taskmaster's back with his shield, sending him flying towards Lawson, as Lawson punched him back at Colin.

Taskmaster would then get up, Colin and Lawson looked at him.

Colin ran at him while Lawson would slide under him.

Colin kicked him, jumping over him to Lawson's side punching his back

Lawson punched Taskmaster with his shield and kicked his knee bringing him down to his other knee

They both double-teamed him (Jeez that's going to be a lot of typing so uh... Go here and go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbGi6YCiX-E 3:48-3:56... Alright, let's continue.)

Lawson picked up Taskmaster headbutting him breaking his A.I.

Morgan and Falcon looked flew up after saving the other half of the plane

Morgan stared at Taskmaster's Helmet then back at Lawson

Lawson Rogers: "Heh... Sorry?"

Steve Wilson: "HAHA! He broke your A.I.! Priceless!"

Morgan charged her blast at Steve

Steve Wilson: "Sorry."

Morgan stopped it from blasting him

Morgan Stark: "Let's just go.."


Lawson Rogers - @Blue_Brickster23

Colin Barnes - @j2fam77

Steve Wilson: @SuperPup1

Morgan Stark: @LCCS

Aurora Strange: @General_Veers

Chris Danvers: @SlimBrick1

End Credits scene

Ultron's Arm reached out of the dirt, crawling up

Ultron; "What is the year..."

Unnamed A.I.: "Uniditfied sir..."

Ultron looked over the Hill

Ultron: "Shall we start again.."

A Sinister Smile grew on his face (Wait how does a robot smile.)

Taskmaster will return...
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4 months ago
(Btw for anyone who doesn't understand what I mean by finale I mean the Battle Against Taskmaster era.)
4 months ago
Nice finale! Is this the end of the first season/story?
4 months ago
Yes, It is the end of the First Season.

Next Season will have Loki as the Villain.
4 months ago

4 months ago


4 months ago
Wait, I forgot the youtube link!
4 months ago
will there be a book 2 and if so will it have my guy?
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