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oh, the wonderous things you can do with outer cables!
Published 2 months ago
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I don't remotely know how I made this stuff!
there are 4 objects on display here, the eyeball, the 2D brick, the magical object, and the invisible brick!

if you look at the eyeball from the side, you will see a coating over the eyeball that stretches perfectly from eyelid to eyelid, yet is translucent!

yes, that is a circle. not an orb, not a cylinder, a circle. a 2D circle. thats all. oh, and there's also a circle inside the circle that can only be seen when you click on it

this thing confuses me. I tried duplicating it but it made just a weird twisted outer cable. you might see it like that in the workshop, instead of the stake-ish thing it should be. uh... so yeah.

no, I didn't just not put a brick there, no, I didn't just hide it, it's invisible. it's true form, I don't know. cool, right?

thats all for today, feel free to use the se monstrousities in your builds! see ya later, bye!
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2 months ago
O-O I’m very confused right now…
2 months ago
welp, it seems like the magic brick did the thing and the 2d brick became invisible!

the eye and the invisible brick were unaffected though... cool!
2 months ago
It's supposed to be "unaffected"
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