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Character for the Lightbringers!
Published 4 months ago
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Name: Judy Shaw

Age: 15

Favorite Color: Blue

Quirks: Always carries a notebook in her pocket in case of emergencies, in fact, carries a lot of things in her back-pack in case of emergencies, such as a laptop, compass, torch, extra jacket, ect. Loves all animals especially dogs. Writes a lot and reads even more.

Personality: Quick thinking, introverted, loyal, sarcastic, has a hot temper that flares up and dies down quickly. Practical and very prepared for anything.

Interests: biking, video games, writing, swordfighting.

Hometown: Born in Wyoming but moved when she was 10. Now she lives somewhere in North Carolina.

Backstory: Devout Christian, home-schooled all her life. She enjoys living in North Carolina but she misses Wyoming. As an only child, she finds company in her dogs, and her friends. She is afraid because her parents are talking of moving again to another state.

Okey dokey Operator011, here's the character for you story! I hope she's alright, if I need to change anything just say.

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4 months ago
Nice! For some reason... and I could be wrong... but I feel as if people (including me) are basing our Lightbringer characters off of ourselves...
4 months ago
very nice! i can't wait to see if she gets in, and i did the same @Greenflame24
4 months ago
@Greenflame24: That was kinda my intention. It makes the character easier to design when you already have something do design it off of.
4 months ago
You're welcome!
4 months ago
I just realized that I never said this was a good character! It is, and you'll definitely see her in the story!
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