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Town sets (1980-1984)
Published 10 months ago
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Compilation of 46 sets

Fire :
6382-1/Fire Station
6611-1/Fire Chief's Car
6685-1/Fire Copter 1
6621-1/Fire Truck
6690-1/Snorkel Pumper
6650-1/Fire and Rescue Van
6366-1/Fire & Rescue Squad

Police :
6384-1/Police Station
6623-1/Police Car
6684-1/Police Patrol Squad
6681-1/Police Van

Medical :
6364-1/Paramedic Unit
6691-1/Red Cross Helicopter

Postal :
6362-1/Post Office
6651-1/Mail Truck
6622-1/Mailman on Motorcycle

Maintenance :
6653-1/Highway Maintenance Truck
6606-1/Road Repair Set
6647-1/Highway Repair
6607-1/Service Truck

Leisure :
6372-1/Town House
6374-1/Holiday Home
6365-1/Summer Cottage
6694-1/Car With Camper

Shops and Services :
6371-1/Shell Service Station
6683-1/Hamburger Stand
6610-1/Gas Pumps
6363-1/Auto Repair Shop
6655-1/Auto & Tire Repairs
6373-1/Motorcycle Shop

Vehicles :
6624-1/Delivery Van
6654-1/Motorcycle Transport
6692-1/Tractor Trailer
6628-1/Shell Tow Truck
6367-1/Semi Truck
6695-1/Tanker Truck

Racing :
6609-1/Race Car
6605-1/Road Racer

Construction :
6678-1/Pneumatic Crane
6652-1/Construction Truck
6630-1/Bucket Loader
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10 months ago
I like your arrangement of the sets
10 months ago
Nice job putting this together. Decided to use a close up to test the latest Blender Advanced Script.
10 months ago
Hi SafePit. Awesome image. What did you use to render this and how did you manage to export such a large file from Mecabricks?
10 months ago
@Superdooperhero I rendered it with Blender 2.80 using the latest Advance Script on my MacBook. Exported fine, but was dog slow setting the scene up. The render itself took quite some time, but still faster then any of my old POV Renders. smiling face with open mouth
10 months ago
You should try Octane for Blender. Octane is insanely fast. I think it works with Blender and I think you can get a free version if you only have one graphics card (or perhaps two).
4 months ago
Great layout! I've been wondering about trying to build a town scene on this scale so it's good to see Mecabricks can handle it.
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