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Minidolls: The Revenge: Part II
Published 2 months ago
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Continued off of WizardBuilds1's Model https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/oK2wDolDj9k A revenge story against Minidolls
I figured out a while ago that minidoll heads fit on bars, sooo... I put one on a brown bar (Irl) and then put my sisters silver unicorn horn (also from a friends set, How ironic) on top of it to make a pike.
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2 months ago
Tall - To quote Drax: “He is not a dude. You’re a dude. This… THIS is a man. A handsome, muscular man.”
(I realize now that that quote doesn’t apply to this situation…)
2 months ago
So my sister once made a stop motion... where this boy minidoll had a crush on her regular minifigure girl... and the minifigure ended up doing this same thing to the minidoll guy
... though... he still had his hair on
. Sadly, in the video... he could teleport while on the stick, and still followed her everywhere she went O_O
2 months ago
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes this is good
2 months ago
GF - 0_0 I’m glad I don’t have a teleporting stalker…

Me and my sister made up similar stories with out Littlest Pet Shop figures, back in the day.
2 months ago
Oh man, I could go on about the games my sisters and I played with Pet Shop, LEGOs, Star Wars figures, Barbies, Zobbles, Polly Pockets, stuffed animals, etc etc... some of them O_O... man, I'm not going to go into detail... but our imaginations were (and still are now that I think about it) WILD!!!!
2 months ago
Me and Slim do some WEIRD things at the table with our figures... sometimes involving things like leaping rancors and flying Kawakian monkey lizards (no idea how to spell that), and also jokester clone troopers, talking helmets, and force-fields that also provide air conditioning.
There's more but I can't remember it.
2 months ago
We had the purity pup (Sprite, no spirits, Water, no Whisky, Root Beer, no Beer, Milk, no Moonshine [not that I think alcohol is sinful in and of itself, but I'm against getting drunk, and just it altogether; that's another topic for another time however
]) The purity pub also played poller bear hockey on the tv, you know, where poller bears play hockey
. Then we had old man mushroom... a LEGO mushroom man who if you screamed would go POP! And disappear... he helped our Zobbles make LEGO mushroom gardens, but the Luke Skywalker action figure was evil, and always screamed, destroyed the gardens, etc etc... he once even killed one of my sisters Barbie dolls
. My other sister and I had these LEGO kids who were both named Kid... one could only die by explosions, and the other by poison. Her's could pop anything out of her head, and mine could pop anything out of his feet, and they both greatly annoyed this detective. That's not even half of what I could mention though
2 months ago
yes stab them in the head and RIP THEM OFF
2 months ago
*facepalm* Oh, boy… why does this always happen?
2 months ago
this time i send them back in time to die
2 months ago
Mr F - Also, I don’t know if writing “Minidolls: The Revenge: Part II” is cinematically legal.
You might have to include a hyphen, like, “Minidolls: The Revenge - Part 2”.
you said that if I guessed you would build me a car. So build me one cause I guessed. ah, I love finding loopholes in peoples comments.
2 months ago
Whelps, 34 comments before I even see one. This might already be one of my more popular models

@Tall: Dude yourself!

1. Good!
2. Good ole Mr. Literal.
I am working on a stop motion vid at the moment! I might have a nightmare tonight
@FireDagger: Is this the first time you have commented on one of my models? I also take it you agree

@FizzingWhizbee: Me too!

@GreenGuy: Me and Tall too!
@Tall: True, True, True.
@GreenGuy: Don't really know what to say to that one...
Everybody else... Yep! too much to read

That was a lot to read already
2 months ago
Oh where is me ? In your last comment
2 months ago
... Not sure,

2 months ago
sorry Gold, I just didn't want to read the rest of the comments
2 months ago
@Slim Good luck bro
... Stopmotions can be frustrating O_o
2 months ago
put a flag on the poll as well
2 months ago
@GreenGuy: YES!!! I have so much fun but they are so hard to Make!!
here is an example of some of my better work, [img]https://i.imgur.com/P0W49az.mp4[/img] (just go to the link since videos don't work, It has nothing Inappropriate)
@Me_Pink, What?
2 months ago
Cool video, Mr. F!

Once, I made a four-minute Goblet of Fire Stop-Motion, that included fairly good recreations of the Dragon challenge and Voldemort’s resurrection/the duel after.
But then, I cut it to move it to a different folder, and when I tried to paste it again, the file was too big and it wouldn’t let me!

It was so frustrating! I had the video right there, but I wasn’t able to paste it! So, it just got lost.
(That’s why you always copy instead of cut…
2 months ago
Awesome! HARRY POTTER FREAK!!! The longest video I made was 5 minutes long!
2 months ago
@Slim Cool! That makes me want to make some more
2 months ago
if only I had a minidoll to kill,
2 months ago
2 months ago
@Snap If you look closely at the minidoll head, you will realize it's not actually connected to the stick properly O_O
2 months ago
Friends deserves it, not the show “Friends” but lego friends.
They made a show also called “Lego Friends” It doesn’t even look like lego or mini dolls !
2 months ago
Greenie - That’s because the Minidoll head has an unbalanced snapping point on MB.
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