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My Permanent SigFig!
Published 1 year ago
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I'm back, and I'm better than ever! But before I let you guys go, I want to say some things. And I don't know any better way to start than by saying...


First of all, I wanna say that I LOVE being here. You guys are what makes this community so special. You guys are the only reason I ever want to get on here, is to interact with you all. And you guys are so special to me, you even made me want to run for president. And look how that turned out! Even though, on some rarer occasions, we get a troll out from under their bridge, we still have the most fun between us all that I've ever seen before!

Second off, Thank you guys for your support. I can think of no other when it comes to support and kindness than you all. Thank you.

Last but certainly not least, this place is amazing. The aspect of infinite LEGO bricks, clipping, and custom prints that allow you to create literally anything is perfect. I have never felt so happy about what is accessible to me than what Mecabricks has to offer, that being my entire imagination.

Thank you guys.

~Credit to Guitarman2 for this epic custom guitar that was modeled after the real Synyster Standard! Thanks man!
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1 year ago
It looks so much cooler when I can rotate it! Great job!
great speech, also, "a troll out from under the bridge"
love the custom prints!
great speech, also, "a troll out from under the bridge"
love the custom prints!
1 year ago
I'm going to miss the sig-fig before this, but the custom prints - they're insane!
12 months ago
Thanks guys!
12 months ago
one of my favorite parts about it is the nostalgia factor, because it reminds me of your first sig-fig!
12 months ago
Nice new fig! And yes, that description of Mecabricks is very accurate... like... it's real
by A7X
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