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02.7 - Library
Published 2 months ago
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02.7 - Library

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[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

The hallways only seemed to get darker and more scary.
“Ugh, I have always hated horror movies,” BlueFlame56 complained.
“I also don’t like horror movies. It’s all about the people being hunted, not the hunter,” the voice replied.
“Could you please stop? You’re ruining my mood,” BlueFlame56 said.
“You already ruined mine,” Lax_Swag5 complained. Chucking arose from every corner of the hallway.
“Where is Slimmy?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“Depends on who you ask,” the voice replied.
“Well, I’m asking you,” Lax_Swag5 said.
“Oh… Well… Slimmy should be here somewhere,” the voice said, then chuckled.
“Can you be a bit more specific?” Lax_Swag5 asked.
“Nah,” the voice replied.
“Come on Blue, this guy is clearly crazy,” Lax_Swag5 said, turned to look at BlueFlame56, but he had already vanished.
“What the…?” was all Lax_Swag5 managed before something hit his head.
“Boo!” the voice exclaimed as Lax_swag5 collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

It didn’t take long before they had arrived at the town’s center, where a huge library was located.
“So… What are we going to do now?” SuperPup1 asked as they entered the library.
“We’ll first introduce you to the rest and then we’ll begin our tour,” BlackFlame49 said.
“Wait, there are more users?” XillComics asked.
“Yes,” BlackFlame49 replied.
“Who?” Digital_Guy_4 asked.
“Let’s see… Jaze, Extreme, Nine, Connor, Nate and Blade,” Lego_Tron said.
“So many?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Yep, so many,” Lego_Tron said cheerfully.
“And where are they?” Digital_Guy_4 asked.
“In the present, where all the lego city models are located,” BlackFlame49 said.
“Lego city models?” XillComics asked.
“Yeah… Didn’t you notice it yet? Everything here is either a model made by a random user or shadow models, or so Anon told me,” BlackFlame49 said.
“Wait, you met Anon?” XillComics asked with disbelief.
“Yeah, met him a few hours ago. He said he was in a hurry and left a few moments later,” BlackFlame49 said.
“But he’s dead!” SuperPup1 exclaimed.
“He looked healthy to me,” Lego_Tron said.
“We saw him die!” XillComics exlaimed.
“Seems like you were wrong,” BlackFlame49 said.
“The system did this,” SuperPup1 said.
“Did what?” Lego_Tron asked.
“The system must have revived Anon,” SuperPup1 said.
“Yeah! So it’s true that he is evil!” XillComics agreed.
“Wait, what did you just say?” BlackFlame49 asked.
“Anon is evil,” XillComics repeated. BlackFlame49 took a step back.
“Anon warned me that if I ever met someone who claimed that Anon worked for the system or was evil, I would be in danger,” BlackFlame49 said. SuperPup1 laughed shortly
“You think we are dangerous? And more importantly: You believed Anon?” SuperPup1 asked.
“Tron, let’s go,” BlackFlame49 said and began to run.
“Aww, come on! That is the most unreasonable decision I’ve seen in my lifetime!” Digital_Guy_4 complained. BlackFlame49 picked a random book from the shelves and ran to the middle of the library, where a lectern was awaiting them. He placed the book open on the lectern and finally stopped running. It took only seconds before Lego_Tron had arrived and the familiar trembling began. A beam of pure white surrounded them. Just a fraction later the light became too bright to watch. They closed their eyes, and when they opened them, they were in the unfamiliar, broken down, library. Books spilled across the floor and shelves lying on the ground.
“Did you pick a random book again?” Lego_Tron asked.
“I panicked,” BlackFlame49 replied.
“Yeah, whatever. Let’s just find another world where the books are more organized and then go back to the others,” Lego_Tron said.
“But what if they get there before us?” BlackFlame49 asked.
“Don’t worry. They don’t have any idea how to open the portal,” Lego_Tron reassured.

“Wanna hear a joke?” General_Veers asked the processor.
“No,” the processor replied.
“Wanna hear a riddle?” General_Veers asked.
“No,” the processor repeated.
“Wanna hear a poem?” General_Veers asked.
“No,” the processor repeated.
“Wanna hear–,” General_Veers began.
“Stop it! Please. I am getting a headache,” LEGOminis said.
“Sorry,” General_Veers mumbled.
“But you have amazing patience, I’ll give you that. How did you even manage to hold that up for two straight hours?” LEGOminis asked.
“Well… I don’t know… But that stubborn piece of trash can’t say ‘yes’,” General_Veers said.
“I am sure that it can say yes,” LEGOminis said.
“Let’s test it. Processor, say yes,” General_Veers said.
“No,” the processor repeated.
“You see?” General_Veers said.
“You didn’t do it right. Processor, can you say yes?” LEGOminis asked.
“That seems like a rather useless question,” the processor replied.
“Told you,” General_Veers said.
“You just watch. I’ll get a yes out of him,” LEGOminis said.
“Be my guest,” General_Veers said. It didn’t take long before he regretted those words, since LEGOminis was seemingly even more stubborn than the processor.

[End of 02.7]
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2 months ago
2 months ago
"say yes if we're not allowed to leave these capsules!"
once again, justy gets the last smirk.
2 months ago
Great chapter! Just one thing: you spelt “Slimmy” as “Slimy”.
2 months ago
Whoah, it took me a second to get my mind around that first part, brilliant chapter
2 months ago
Jaze_Dragon - Thanks!! & I'll need to change that!
2 months ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
2 months ago
Man, I want to be with mini and veers now, I want to give it a shot! They sound like they are having a lot of fun.
2 months ago
Slimy SlimBrick1 - Thanks!!
2 months ago
I have never seen a horror movie before, Thankfully!
2 months ago
BlueFlame56 - Thanks!! & xD
2 months ago
You’ve turned this into a horror story! The children—think of the children!!
*grabs random baby crawling by and comforts it*
2 months ago
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