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Andrew Lacard's Backstory, Chapter 8: Landing a Bomb
Published 2 months ago
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AL: "Hey, hey, EASY. Can ya guess where we're at now?"

GI: "Well, If you went directly south of the mountain.... then we're probably off the coast of Southern Italy right now."

AL: "Alright, good, good....now, just gonna go some bit farther....turn right around...."

GI: "What are you doing?"

AL: "Doin' onna my ideas."

GI: "Great...."

AL: "HEY, listen. I'm gonna ease this baby down n' land it in the ocean, n' we're gonna jump out. Ya got that?"

GI: "Well...yeah, sure, I give up on reason at this point"

AL: "Great ta hear. Now....get ready, get set....."


AL: "What's that NOW?!?"

GI: "That hole must have weakened the....OH GOD, OUR WING IS GONE!!!!!!"


AL: So yeah, we had ta make a tiny bit offa crash landin' on the coast, way closer than we planned. Good for us though, I guess the sand was deep 'nough ta suck in the bomb, cause it didn't go off. And even better, it's pretty hard not ta notice a giant missile stickin' outta the water, and soon enough some friendlies came and gave us a hand (they had ta give some extra ones to George. He dived in pretty hard). After we recover'd from that little sitch, we're soon put back inta duty with the rest of our fellas. I was ordered ta say in what they called "West Germany", cause apparently they decided ta make that, and I basically just guarded there fer mosta the time. That got kinda borin' real quick, so sometimes I snuck over the border ta hang out with the Russians. Surprisingly, I never got caught. Guess they liked me that much. As for ol' George, I never saw 'im again. Apparently he was still servin', but he was sent overseas fer somethin' else, Idunno what. After my tour 'a duty was done, I went back ta my home state 'f Mississippi, and that's when MY life changin' experience happened.....

Next part: coming soon.....
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