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Music Room
Published 2 years ago
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'Music Room' is the first large-scale MOC scene that I created on Mecabricks. Every element is built and designed from scratch, with one exception: I borrowed some furniture from the official LEGO set #21319-1 'Central Perk' (https://brickset.com/sets/21319-1).

Perhaps, I will design custom pieces at some point to have 100% unique interior, but for right now, they fit perfectly.


Music Room is a fun modern city apartment shared by eight friends, all avid music fans of all genres. There are three zones in the room:

In the center of attention is a giant LP collection stored on two wooden shelves, custom-built for the apartment's owner. Note small lights mounted above the top shelf to illuminate the records.

A high-class home stereo is another gem. The enormous floor-standing Brickson Audio BX-1 speakers (partially inspired by Wilson Audio Alexandria X-2 -- https://www.google.com/search?q=wilson+audio+alexandria+X-2+yellow&tbm=isch) are resting on marble plates to isolate them from any unwanted vibrations. Alongside each loudspeaker, on tiny pedestals, are two power amplifiers.

The rest of the equipment sits on proper racks: pre-amplifier and CD-player with unified design (perhaps from the same brand), a vintage Cassette Deck in wooden case, and a quirky hi-end turntable with a magnetically levitating plate, enormous marble disc for extra stability, and two tonearms. (Some real-life examples of such designs: https://www.google.com/search?q=reference+turntable+two+tonearms&tbm=isch).

A modernistic 'DJ room' has an elevated dancefloor, two monitor speakers on industrial-themed stands, and a whole bunch of electronic tools and instruments to get the party going!

There are two turntables and a mixing board, a floor-standing rack with various synths & FX processors, and a separate stand with two keyboards. The owner of the room, a hip Deejay, boasts some of the latest club bangers to entertain his cute guest.

Two metalheads are handing in the guitar corner: one of the most epic guitar collections in Lego City, some random acoustic instruments here and there, a Golden Disc plaque from their favorite rock band.

Navigate around the scene to find other interior details and cool tchotchkes spread across the room!


I always found it amusing and hilarious how all the epic beards designed for elves and magicians, pirates and knights work so well with contemporary City-themed tops to make very accurate and fun urban characters.

As a total music nerd and record collector, I was also very excited to find a whole three or four different LP-themed plates across the library! And, of course, dozens of 2x2 decal flat tiles to make fun record covers.

So after designing a few hipsters hanging around with all these different records and tapes, I started putting together a few interior details around them.

Just like in real life, it turned out that in Legoworld, a standard 2x3x2 cupboard #4532 (https://rebrickable.com/parts/4532) is just a tiny bit too small to fit a 2x2 flat tile 'record.' So before I knew it, I was putting together some custom shelves.

And a few weeks later, this. Feel free to import and reuse any parts of this MOC here on Mecabricks (please credit and link this model, though). Have fun, and keep on bricking 'yall!
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