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Earth-Prime 2099: Chapter 3
Published 7 months ago
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Mira and Jacob activated the Waverider.

Roy: The Waverider, why do we not always use it.
Tom: Mostly because Nate's parents never allow us.
Harper: Well, yeah this is disappointing.
Jason: I honestly never knew why, my parents also did not want me to go time-traveling for some reason...
Ezra: Well, I did time travel with the legends for some time...
Tom: Speaking of, why there are not any legends here?

A blue hologram showed before them.

Gideon: Excuse me, I am an honorable legend, which after 17 years 3 months, and 26 days they finally made it official.
Ezra: Oh, hey Gideon!
Gideon: Where would you like to travel to?
Ezra: How back in time Jason?
Jason: I don't know... A week?
Gideon: Ok, you will want to sit for this!

They all sat down at the chairs as Ezra was in the middle on a special chair for his half-horse body.

Jacob: I can't wait to time travel outside the speed force!
Mira: Astonishing!
Gideon: Make sure your eyes don't bleed, launch start at 3...2...1...0
Tom: Did it just said-
Ezra: Yes, but it is happening only in rare cases.
Jason: I am feeling a bit dizzy and sick...
Harper: Don't you dare barf on me!
Gideon: Well, it seems that the time bureau is here.
Tom: Are they from the time where they and the legends did not get along?
Gideon: I believe so.

Harper swore in the background. As the time bureau invaded the ship.

Ava Sharpe: You are on stolen property. I have no choice but to put you under arrest.
Harper: What do we do now?
Jacob: I do not know... Jason?

Jason barfed at the background

Ezra: Ava, look, we can explain.
Ava: It is commender Sharpe to you, and you need to come with me.
Harper: No way in hell!

Ava and the time bureau handcuffed all of them.

Ava: These handcuffs block your powers, so do not even try.

They took them to the time bureau.

Jacob: Wow this place is ancient!
Mira: Astonishing! The time bureau!
Ava: Will you be quiet!
Jason: Look, we are trying to save our friends...
Ava: You smell like vomit, so please stop talking.
Ezra: What Jason is trying to say is that we are time traveling to save our friends, Nate Damian Palmer.
Harper: You actually know his full name?
Ava: Damian Darhk is a villain and enemy of the time bureau. Nate and ray palmer are part of the group who broke time and stole the ship.
Roy: Well, in the future they are not.
Ava: I am working in the time bureau, and this was a stolen time-ship.
Ezra: Can I talk to Rip Hunter? He will understand.
Ava: It is my job to make sure that idiots like you don't break up time again.
Tom: But we are not the legends, we are only using the Waverider.
Ava: So you stole a stolen time-ship?
Haper: Well, we borrowed it without their permission...
Mira: I just realized how much does it sound like stealing, but we didn't, I am Martin Stein's granddaughter and we are trying to save Ray and Nora's son.
Ava: No. Mr. Hunter will see you so he can choose what to do with you idiots.
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7 months ago
BTW sorry it took so long, I forgot to post it...
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