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Untitled Model
Published 2 months ago
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I started making lloyd s8 but when remastering with the textures of @Corvinus it seems that he has changed to his style, first I have to say that I did not know he was going to wear his, however I will mention @Corvinus for the great job he did improving it if you want you can see the customs of ninjago that @Corvinus has done in this link

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You should put this on as an official minifig - aside from the head, of course
1 month ago
It should probably be known that though @TheNinjaMasterGO1 created the original decals from which I made these, what you see here is my own work, which I made by tracing over @TheNinjaMasterGO1's decals, cleaning up the brushstrokes, adding a data map, changing the colors to official mecabricks colors, and completely redoing the green diamonds. As I have specified in both of my public models, I am fine with other people using my work; the entire reason they are public is so that they may be available to mecabricks users until official parts are made. I only ask for credit, but now both of my models have been appropriated without it. (@TheNinjaBrick.) Because I did not design the original LEGO decals, and partly because I can make it known myself, these two cases are not an extremely big deal. However, if people continue to repost my models with slight alterations as their own, especially if they include my own decals that are not based on those by the LEGO Group, I will have to consider returning them to privacy and making them once again unavailable to all but myself.

Thank you,
1 month ago
Thank you for crediting me on this; I'm glad it is cleared up.
1 month ago
I really like it. so I thought it deserved a render
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