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LEGO Ideas - Bumble Bee TERRA-FB 1 Public
Published 4 years ago
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Vote here for the TERRA-FB 1 spaceship mech to be turned into a real LEGO set!


Imagine a future where humans terraform Mars. How would we grow the plant life there? What would bee the solution? The TERRA-FB 1 spaceship mech!

* This set includes 267 pieces.
* Spaceship mech features posable antennae, legs and wings.
* Cockpit opens and has a computer screen and pilot seat.
* Each side of the spaceship mech has a water spout and a connectable water element.
* Open the hidden compartment in the back to reveal the 4 seed cannons!
* Use the water pieces on the surface of Mars and make the plant sprout.

While the bees bring new life over great distances on Earth, the TERRA-FB 1 will bring new life to other worlds.

I originally submitted this model to the LEGO Moments in Space contest on LEGO Ideas. It ended up receiving 222 votes in just 10 days. This put it at number 9 out of the top 25 highest voted projects! There were over 1,000 entries in the contest. However, LEGO did not choose the TERRA-FB 1 as a winner so I submitted it as a project instead.

My other LEGO Ideas projects gathering support are here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/discover#search/q:buggyirk/f:projectStateFilter=gathering_support/s:relevance&scroll=187
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4 years ago
Thanks for suggesting I make the 3D model public and for voting!
4 years ago
Unfortunately, I can't do the contest right now. I am too busy with another project, but I will keep it in mind for the future since you mentioned doing it on a semi-regular basis
4 years ago
I know you, you shared this on ideas. I'm one of your supporters by the way.
4 years ago
Hello oswaldzachary! Thanks for your support!
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