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Just Something Random.
Published 6 months ago
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Ok, so here's the go, I was feeling really board a few days ago and I challenged myself to write a short story. It's really random, very strange, no doubt weird, nothing makes sense, and some may call it downright silly. Anyway I though I would post it here and see what you all think of it.
(DISCLAIMER) This is not meant to be taken seriously, remember that. I wrote it for fun. Now without further ado, let me present,

The Ballad of a Random Knight

Once upon a time and long ago, there lived a Knight. Now you are probably thinking that this is a typical story about a knight riding to save some maiden in distress. Well, this is no such tale, on with the story. This Knight was quite poor. In fact, all he had was his sword and shield, and a tall, white stallion. The Knight decided to leave the small town in which he lived and seek his fortune in the wider world. So he set out on his fine white steed. He travelled for many days, earning his way by doing odd jobs for the country folk. One night he made camp in the middle of a wood. In the middle of that black night, he woke and saw a castle looming through the trees. The knight picked up his sword and shield and was determined to explore it. He entered the gate and walked down many a dark hallway before he came to a door. He opened the door to see a ghost coming towards him. “Hello there!” The Knight called, “Who may you be?” But all the ghost did was hold out threateningly an umbrella and say, “Beware of the rains! Beware of the rains.” He finished in a long, low hiss. “I beg your pardon!” The Knight said, baffled, grasping the umbrella.
But the ghost and the castle vanished, leaving the Knight standing on a country road in the middle of nowhere, in broad daylight. Seeing no other option, the Knight started walking. But soon dark clouds rolled over the sun, turning everything to dusk. And then the rain came. But not a rain of water, a rain of frogs! Such a thing had never happened to our poor Knight in his life before and he hurriedly threw up the umbrella, frogs bouncing off it onto the ground. Pretty soon the rain stopped and all the frogs lined themselves up on the side of the road and stared at the Knight. With one accord, all the frogs started to sing in their low, croaking voices. Then they all began to dance around the poor Knight, singing merrily as they went.
The country road started to fade as the frogs danced and the Knight found himself on the deck of a ship. The frogs all stood around in sailor attire. The Knight called out, “Up sail! We head for the open seas!” At once the frogs leaped into action, singing a sailor song as they went. Soon the ship was underway. Of course the Knight’s trouble did not end there; he soon came upon a pirate ship. The Knight pointed his sword at the ship and all the frogs jumped aboard, singing pirate songs. In less than a minute, the pirates were defeated and the frogs, singing songs of victory, piled all the gold onto the Knight’s ship.
But as they did, the ship faded and the dark castle came back into view. The ghost came out but he was dressed as a black knight. “I told you to beware of the rains,” he said. All the frogs hissed at the black knight. “Your doom has come upon you,” The Knight said drawing his sword. The two knights went at it with a will. Cutting and slashing, their swords clashing upon each other. When the Knight became tired, all the frogs attacked the Black Knight. Soon he was lying to the ground with the frogs all around him, dancing and singing again. The Knight ran into the castle and a found behind a locked door, a beautiful maiden. He told her she was free. The two fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after with the frogs, now singing forever, as their loyal servants.

I hope you liked it, it's silly I know, XD. I just sat down and wrote whatever came into my head. It's fun actually. Anyways tell me what you think of it!

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6 months ago
When someone’s random model is better than your most elaborate MOC.
6 months ago
lol it rained frogs.
great job btw! I know it's random but it's cool!
6 months ago
You're welcome!
6 months ago
Ok... well... lets just say I'd never heard the classic tale put that way before, oh well, I guess its good to see it from a new perspective every now and then {-) Though, I personally would rather be gummed by a Bumpy Dig Toad than have a bunch of singing frogs live in my castle
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