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The Workshop: 00.3
Published 2 months ago
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I never had to fight the Minotaur, because just as I began to charge, a voice behind me grumbled, "Confound it! What on Earth is this supposed to be? Who even thought of this anyway?".

"Oh no," said the Minotaur, "not him."

Who exactly is he? I thought. The Minotaur didn't reply. Hello? Can you hear me? I thought. Still no reply.

"I can hear you, I'm just not telling the Minotaur what you're saying." Said the voice behind me. The walls disappeared, and the Minotaur froze and became what looked like yellow glass. I turned around to see the strangest creature I had ever seen. It was like a pegasus, but it was made of what appeared to be rock and it's purple wings were smaller than mine, but the strangest thing about it was it's head. Instead of having a unicorn head, it had a head that seemed a bit to large for its body with purple blotches on its face, and its horns were actually two writhing purple snakes. It's eyes were glowing yellow, the same shade as the Minotaur, so I assumed it was responsible for the half-bull's sudden transformation.

Who or what are you? I thought.

"I am an embodiment of the workshop." the creature replied.

How are you talking? Better question, how are you thinking? I thought.

"The old system, the new system and I are all artificial intelligence. However only I am able to communicate because I can take the form of creatures, animals and humans, among other things. Of course, the new system speaks through its minions, but the old system has no way to communicate." The workshop replied.

Earlier, you said, 'Who even thought of this anyway? I presume that you randomly take the form of any model ever created? I've never seen that, I thought.

"Close, but not quite, my friend. I randomly take the form of any lego creation that users think of or make whilst using the workshop. It appears that while someone was creating their model they thought about this. Anyways, I'll get to the point. Everything the Minotaur said was true. You'll need to help your friends. First, you'll need to find Cakery. That portal will take you to him. Before you go, take this." A small platform appeared and rose up to my eye-level. On the platform was a chunk of blue crystal. "I call this Datacode Ore, but it goes by many other names. You can use this to make Data Crystals, which allow you to program things." A small piece broke off and flew towards my head. It disappeared as soon as it touched my horn. "Your horn is a powerful weapon, but you'll need long range weapons too, and you can't hold regular weapons, so I animated your horn. It can now shoot concentrated beams of energy like a laser gun. Now I need you to eat the rest. Before you say you can't eat, I merely mean touch it against you mouth. It will store the crystal inside you and whenever you need it to make crystals, just think about it appearing on your back and it will do exactly that. However, Datacode Ore is extremely rare, and you can only make a limited number of crystals, so you can't afford to waste or lose ANY of it. Your horn can also create portals to almost anywhere, but since you have only been here for about 15 minutes you aren't very familiar with Mecabricks. Once you find Cakery, you'll need to find The_An0nym. To get to him, simply think about going to him. You can go to the location of any user, except for the ones captured by the system, simply by thinking about them. Anyhow, I best be going. Good luck!" He disappeared in a flash of light, and the platform and the Minotaur exploded in a cloud of yellow pixels. I turned around and lowered my head. A beam of blue energy shot towards the doors and blew them off their ethereal hinges and off into the distance.

Sweet, I thought.

I started trotting towards the portal, then I transitioned into a gallop. I ran through the portal.

I hope you guys enjoy!
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