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20k Views!! / Original Song Performed by Wiz & the Boy-w/-Tall-Girl Band!!
Published 1 month ago
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*green, circular platform rises on stage, revealing Wiz sitting at drumset*

Crowd: *applause and scattered cheering*

Wiz: THANK YOU, EVERYBODY! 20,000 VIEWS! That’s a big milestone, and I couldn’t have achieved it without you! *checks MB profile* What’s this? 2K extra views in just a few hours? How’d that happen? (I guess it was slightly helped by my 300+ models…) Thank you for 20.2k views, then! (Along with 2.2k likes!)

Crowd: *chuckles*

Wiz: Thank you all for coming tonight! (Or whatever time period it is for you today…) Anyway, in celebration of this time, I organized this short concert for you. However, the performance will only contain ONE song, a song I wrote myself. (Open minds, people!) *chuckles*

Crowd: *interested murmuring*

Wiz: Any questions before the concert starts?

An0n: *skeptical grin* I have one: You’re hosting a concert? As in, performing songs? Sounds fun—but you know that we can’t HEAR you, right?

Wiz: *grins back* Yes, I’m aware of that. However, most LEGO builders tend to have good imaginations, and I tried to write the song so that it’s not too confusing to read in your head. You can fill in the music. Hopefully, (whatever you imagine) it’s an enjoyable performance!

Predator: I have a question, too: Is there a specific song with a beat or music similar to this one?

Wiz: *considers* Well, it’s similar in pacing to “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson, just a bit quicker and sounds more like rock music. It’s also close to “Gitchie Gitchie Goo” from Phineas and Ferb.

Seb: Do you play the drums, or any other instruments in real life?

Wiz: *laughs* Heck, no! Even though I listen to a lot of music, I haven’t played anything as long as I’ve lived! A few years back, I learned some piano keys… but I instantly forgot them. I’m just not musically talented… *chuckles* That’s the beauty of MB. Here, I’m so talented—I can both play drums AND do vocals! (Which I’m gonna do!) *smirks*

Jaze: Those drumsticks look familiar… Are they your duplicated wand?

Wiz: Well spotted—and YES! *grins* All it took was a mirror and a well-aimed duplication spell! (I don’t know if a wand was intended as an instrument… but who cares?)

General_Veers: What was the inspiration behind your song?

Wiz: I don’t want to spoil it right away—but since I’m a frequent moviegoer, the song was very much cinema-based! It also has some unintended romantic overtones, but you decide what it’s about—a relationship metaphorically “changing genres”, or just a film director complaining about a bad crew member!

Justy: Sounds… Interesting. I have a few questions of my own: What’s with the getup? Should we all’ve come as bright green space crabs?

*crowd laughs*

Justy: And the color scheme, too? A little hard on the eyes, if I’m being honest. Don’t get me wrong—I love it all—it’s just a little bold, for my taste…

Wiz: *laughs too* Those are excellent questions, Justy! My costume fits with the rest of the song’s theme. Also, “the bright green, slightly embarrassing space crab” look was EXACTLY what I was going for! *laughs* The color scheme just seemed creative, and kind of reminiscent of old-timer rock bands, like the Beatles! *cringes* (Not that I was implying I’m that talented).

*crowd chuckles*

Wiz: *briefly listens to earpiece, brightens* And now, I have some exciting news for you guys! I never planned to perform alone! Joining us from his own band—please welcome—OURA!!!!

*crowd cheers as red platform rises to reveal Oura holding electric guitar*

Oura: *glances around, seems shocked*

Wiz: I borrowed his talents for today—(as well as his lovely voice) to join the duet! *laughs* (You have no idea how much these “big stars” hire for!)

Oura: *blinks incredulously* You didn’t PAY me anything! I didn’t even know this was happening…NOW. One minute, I’m lying on the couch, eating chips—and the next, I’m surrounded by a small crowd, dressed in a suit of armor—and expected to play your stupid song! SERIOUSLY, dude!

Wiz: *strained smile, makes cut-it-out gesture* Surely you can spare a few minutes of your time—can’t ya, old-buddy-old-pal? The PEOPLE want to hear you!

Oura: *glances over crowd with interest, hesitates* Okay—fine. I’ll do it. I DO like adoring crowds…

Wiz: *natural smile* Much obliged, my red friend!

Justy: *thinks quickly, starts shrieking hysterically and jumping up and down* OURA!!!! HE’S HERE!!!! HE’S REALLY… HERE!!!!!!

Wiz: *double takes, frowns* Well, that seemed several seconds late. Also, uh… Oura is a member of YOUR band, Justy…

Justy: *glares, whispers slyly* (It’s called “promoting”, WIZ.)

Wiz: *rolls eyes, changes subject* I’m sad to say that Slim and Tall… won’t be singing with us today. *sadly* But that’s okay—it’s okay to let go of them.

Crowd: *solemn, quiet murmurs of agreement*

Wiz: *playful smile* HoWeVeR… There’s no reason why they can’t still PERFORM with us! Okay—so maybe the model gave it away! Still—please put your hands together, for brother and sister—ON THE KEYS!!!!!

*finally, blue-and-yellow platform rises to reveal Slim and Tall sitting on curved, electric piano*

Slim/Tall: *both seem surprised, then silently wave to crowd, grinning*

Crowd: *cheers and applauds, realizing that the single-song concert is starting*

Wiz: We’re all here—AND WE’RE ALL READY! Get ready for the FAIRLY EXCITING time of your lives—as you listen to this new hit…

“SCI-FI TO FANTASY”, an Original song written by me, and performed by a new group that’s been born today…

*crowd cheers, steady drum beat begins*

Wiz: *sings* Sci-fi, sci-fi to fantasy...

Slim/Tall: *intense notes*

Oura: *sings* (It's sci-fi, sci-fi to fantasy...)

*music increases, lasers swerve*

Wiz: Oh, you changed this theme...

Oura: (From sci-fi to fantasy!)

Wiz: Director's chair was mine...

Oura: (But you stole it out from under me!)


Slim/Tall: *multiple intense notes*

Wiz: Oh, you changed this theme…

Oura: (From sci-fi to fantasy!)

Wiz: The techno fit…

Oura: (But you changed it to a symphony!)

Wiz: The camera's blurred—I can't read a word…


*crowd cheers*

Wiz: Oh, you changed my life…

Oura: (From sci-fi to fantasy!)

Wiz: The lighting's off…

Oura: (It shines on you instead of me!)

Wiz: Effects are wrong—more spell than bomb…


Slim/Tall: *intense notes*

Wiz: *pauses* All right—that's what I'm talking about!

*music quiets and crowd cheers*

Wiz: *rhythmic, gentle drum beat* Thank you all! Guys—give it up for my main man... OURA!

Oura: *begins face-melting guitar solo*

Crowd: *random spectators shriek and jump around*

Oura: *wild playing* THE DIF-FERENCE BETWEEN E.T.—AND EITRI!!!

Wiz: (Oh, yeah!)

Oura: THE DIFF-ERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND ME—BAD CHEMISTRY!!!!... *trails off and focuses on wild playing*

Crowd: *hollers in delight*

Justy: *sinks to knees in crowd, crocodile tears stream down face* It’s beautiful—BEAUTIFUL… GO OURA!!!

Oura: *wild playing eventually transitions to quiet strumming*

Wiz: *lets out whoop* Let's hear it for Slim and Tall on keys, everybody!

Slim/Tall: *enthusiastic, harmonious duet on the keys*

Crowd: *whistles of appreciation—except from those who physically can’t*

*music slows, lasers subside*

Slim/Tall: *transition to quiet playing*

Wiz: *slow beats, sings again* I think that a-ni-mation’s great…

Slim/Tall: *gentle notes*

Wiz: But your claymation takes too long to create...

Slim/Tall: *gentle notes*

Wiz: This production's freaky... From sci-fi to fantasy...

Oura: (Turning into misery...)

Slim/ Tall: *quiet, rhythmic notes*

Wiz: You're in the studio... Late at night...

Oura: (But if you’re working… It’s all right…)

Wiz: The genre's wrong… Don't you see?... You've taken things to fantasy.

Both: *holler with all their might* WHY DID YOU TAKE THIS THING TO FANTASY?!!!

Wiz: *ends song with double drum clash*

*lasers strobe wildly, then go out*

Crowd: *applauds and cheers*

Wiz : Thank you all! *wide grin* We’ll be here—well… Forever. (As long as this model stays up!) Hopefully you enjoyed this song, and hopefully this won’t be the last you “hear” of Wiz & The Boy-w/-Tall-Girl-Band! *chuckles, adds* (Trademark).


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1 month ago
out of what part of the song I read, I read to the beat of that song like (just an old town girl, living in a lonely world) I think that's how it goes,
congrats! cool model! goodbye!
you nailed my personality, but as for rageb... this must be a different reality. everything he says is backwards,(except with his translaor, which makes his voice all caps and robot-y) and his singing voice is AWFUL. and I mean CAT-A-STROPHIC. plus, his skin is blue, his eyes are white, his teeth are black, and his toungue is like a bright cyan. is this Oura? I mean, this seems more like him.

oh, and Rageb oonly has benches, not couches.
1 month ago
Oncor!! Oncor!! Incredible, Just Incredible, Well done on hitting this incredible milestone!!

And if you need any musical help in the future come to your old pal Mr Worriz!!
Yup, Me and my spoons will be ready for anything!!
1 month ago
1 month ago
He would read me the lyrics of the whole song but I'm working on a secret project
1 month ago
Love the "Hot Space"-inspired album cover render you made.

Congratulations, Wiz! 20k is quite the milestone, you might be one of the most viewed profiles on MB, if not the most viewed.
1 month ago
Scrubs actually has around 270K views. O_O
1 month ago
*stagers back from extensively load music, razes a 'thumbs up' shakily*
1 month ago
Oof-Totally forgot to bring earbuds...
My eardrums exploded after Rageb hit the guitar solo. Everybody started jumping to the stage and I had no idea what was going on...I think I missed the best part.

Also, nice model! - Creative color scheme! Hopefully my ears heal in time to hear the next performance..
1 month ago
KoA - Thanks!

Justy - Okay—sorry about that.
I only chose “red guy” because he plays guitar. I thought HE would be rageb, because of the “rage=red” thing…

Worriz -
I’ll keep that in mind!
Snap - Thank you!

Fer - Thanks!

BA7 - Thank you!
Op - *searches up album* I love Queen, but that actually wasn’t my intention!
And just because I have a lot of views, doesn’t mean I’m superior to you and the other “OG’s”.
(You’re right, though—I must be in the top 20!
1 month ago
Please do!!
1 month ago
That was awesome man and congrats on the 20,000 views
1 month ago
1 month ago
Duck “The Duck” Guz -
Thank you!
Veers - Thank you! (That means a lot, coming from an Imperial General!
FB - *concerned* There’s a otorhinolaryngologist I know…

AAB - I warned you!

Seb - Thanks!

Cold/Cole - Thanks!
also, don't worry about your ears, I'm a meca-ophthalmootorhinolaryngologist
1 month ago
Wiz: Oh? Interesting.
Looks great regardless! And I wouldn't call myself OG at all, I just haven't posted a lot lately.
1 month ago
Op - Yeah, yeah—you’re not fooling anyone. Of course you’re an OG! (Or at least a legend…
1 month ago
So you saw that series Greenie made?
1 month ago
Op - Of course!

Also, I might not be the most popular, or “legendary”, but if I’m being honest, every MB user has a “skill” that compliments their builds. (Justy is the jokester, An0n is the animator, etc.) Anyway, I think my skill would be that I’m the “idea guy”.
Sometimes good, hardly terrible—but I’m never in short supply…

LM - Maybe that’s because you just comment weird stuff, like “im rolling my eyes” or “can i burn it”…
1 month ago
Justy - There you go—it’s been rewritten to Oura! Mostly due to peer pressure…

(JK, JK!)
quote of me irl joking about peer pressure:
alos, there are three instances of faults where rageb was mentioned.
HARUMPH! you get the following joke, don't you, Wiz?
*pouts like Carmelita*
1 month ago
Congratulations on 20k! you definitely deserve it!
4 weeks ago
*two weeks later*

Okay, all the “Rageb” typos have been corrected. Are you HAPPY NOW?
4 weeks ago

(There were actually TWO mistakes in that scene: I called you Oura, and I also called Oura Rageb).
3 weeks ago
Wow Wiz❗That's a big achievement❗
Now you can go for 40k views❗.... right❓O_o
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