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Dragon_Rider06 ready for Christmas!!!
Published 11 months ago
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This is me ready for Christmas!!!! The jacket is the only Christmas thing I could find even though it's really too hot for a jacket. (I live in Australia so it's summer at Christmas time
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11 months ago
Woa, Australia?!
Cool, quite the distance from america!
(i live in florida)
11 months ago
@Bishop1859 Nice! I really want to go to America sometime!

@Brick_Bot2.0 Thanks!
11 months ago
Have you ever been to a country other than Australia? (Also, I really want to go to Australia, one of the reasons being is because I would like to go to the zoo Steve Irwin created).
11 months ago
Yeah I've been to New Zealand to visit family because i'm half New Zealander!
11 months ago
OK. That is another place I would love to go! I most want to go to Paris though, to study the history and go to Euro Disney. (Disney Paris).
11 months ago
My parents are leaving to New Zealand this Friday.
It was my dad's birthday gift.
11 months ago
@BrickBot2.0 Nice! which part are you going too?
11 months ago
Looks great, also, half New-Zealander, that's me to
I've traveled a lot though, I've been to ten countries (assuming I've remembered them all), and lived in three!
11 months ago
I literally just saw that you commented (I have been on here all day trying to flush out and replace an old MacBook Pro.), and feel plaigeristic now.
11 months ago
I'm not going to NZ, my parents are.
Hopefully none of us will blow up the house while they're gone.
11 months ago
If you haven’t been active on MB for a while I’ll know why XD
11 months ago
Either that or our router crashes. We really need a new one.
11 months ago
Nice render!
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