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My story during the Corruption Episode 2: Ready to save the day!
Published 2 months ago
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Here’s the second episode it launched later than expected but it’s finally here.

(Chapter 4)

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): We are now in jail to check if any villains are going to break out.

A Police Officer: A lot of villains have broken out so while CJ and some of his allies are elsewhere that we cannot track you and TheRealChonkey will protect Earth.

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): I know they went to a portal to a other world where it’s ruled by some sort of evil that their goal is to come to Earth.

A Police Officer: That sounds dangerous to enter.

Reece and TheRealChonkey: We know and we tried to came in but the portal closed.

A Police Officer: You can start fighting some villains now.

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): Ok.

(20 minutes later)

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): Oh no! there’s a lot of villains so this looks like a job for Super Reece.

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): *turns to Super Reece*

Some villains: Get them!

Super Reece: You are too weak for me!

Some Villains: Run!

Super Reece: I got you.

The last few villains: Destroy him!

Super Reece: Got you!

TheRealChonkey: Reece did you stop them?

Super Reece: Yep.

(Chapter 5)

Super Reece: While there’s no villains let’s call CJ.

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): Hi.

Super Reece: Hi CJ.

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): Oh no a dark monster that looks like me is coming.

Super Reece: CJ You must better run!

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): The place I am in is ruled by some kind of evil that wants to come to earth.

Super Reece: I know it.

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): Oh no that monster is coming for me so to prevent my phone from being damaged I will end the call.

Super Reece: Bye.

CJ (TheSpyderBrick): Bye... Ouch!

(Chapter 6)

Super Reece: Let’s go back home.

(30 minutes later)

Super Reece: Let me turn back to my normal self.

Super Reece: *turns back to his normal self (Reece)*

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): Let’s chill and have a break from fighting.

(10 hours later)

TheRealChonkey: It’s time for sleep.

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): We will go to sleep.

(1 day later)

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): It’s time to wake up and watch the news.

TheRealChonkey: Ok.

News Reporter: There was a lot of villains who have attacked yesterday but they got stopped thanks to Reece and TheRealChonkey who saved the day.

Reece (TheNinjaBrick): We got on the news.

TheRealChonkey: Let’s check if there’s any villains outside.

Reece: There’s a lot of villains but if we stick together we will win.

To be continued in Episode 3 (Chapters 7-9)?
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