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Husky Dynamics LC-151 Blizzard
Published 1 year ago
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The LC-151 Blizzard is a winterized variant of Husky Dynamics' C-151 Cobra cargo aircraft. This aircraft is equipped with retractable skis in place of conventional wheeled landing gear, allowing it to operate from packed snow or ice. The skis do not allow for brakes, so reverse thrust from the engines is often used to slow the aircraft on landing.
The nose ski is steerable, and can easily be converted back to a standard, wheeled arrangement. However, the main landing gear requires more time to convert, and it is often more timely to simply have a second aircraft on hand with conventional landing gear than to attempt to change the landing gear on-site.

The Nimbus R-4800 Firehawk engines on the standard C-151 were found to have more than adequate cooling for cold-weather operation, and in fact were prone to seizing up due to icing. To counter this, the cylinder heads were covered with a protective, heat-retaining coating to contain enough of the engines' waste heat to prevent them from freezing, with the modified engine being dubbed the "Icehawk".

The aircraft is equipped with full-span deicing equipment on the wings, as well as similar equipment on the vertical and horizontal tail surfaces. The wingtips and tail surfaces are painted bright red to aid visibility if the aircraft is forced down in rough terrain.

Renders coming soon.

Standard C-151: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/MgaXOB5Qvz0
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