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75973-1: D.Va & Reinhardt
Published 2 years ago
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For your favorite Overwatch® fan, a buildable mech suit and powered armor with LEGO® Overwatch 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt! Each of these instantly recognizable Overwatch tank heroes features an Overwatch minifigure so fans can place the highly-detailed Overwatch characters inside through the hatches that open. Reinhardt features a massive buildable Rocket Hammer and both minifigures have smaller weapons so younger fans can play out the action of the game, while older fans may want to display the minifigures and toys next to their gaming setup!

• Includes D.Va and Reinhardt minifigures.
• D.Va tank model features shooting function and opens so the D.Va minifigure can fit inside.
• Reinhardt tank model features buildable colossal Rocket Hammer and opens so the Reinhardt minifigure can fit inside.
• Overwatch® character weapons include D.Va's Fusion Cannons and Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer.
• From Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the legendary World of Warcraft®, Overwatch® has quickly built a global community of passionate followers, spawning animated online series, comics and exciting global esports events.
• LEGO® Overwatch® toy construction sets are the perfect gift for fans of the blockbuster Overwatch game.
• D.Va building toy stands over 5” (15cm) tall.
• Reinhardt building toy stands over 5” (14cm) tall.


Missing parts:
• 49523 - Brick, Modified 2 x 4 with Heavily Curved Ends, Shoulder Pad Design with Two Studs on the Outside
• 47559 - Minifigure, Hair Long and Wavy with Dark Bluish Gray Headset
• 49484 - Minifigure, Headgear Helmet with 5 Spikes and 'V' Shaped Visor.
• 22410 - Wheel Hard Plastic, Treaded with 7 Pin Holes (37mm D. x 22mm)

Missing prints:
• 47559pb01 - Minifigure, Hair Long and Wavy with Dark Bluish Gray Headset with Dark Orange Ears Pattern [6256197]
• 970c01pb49 - Hips and White Legs with Blue Panels with Dark Pink Straps Pattern [6252446]
• 973pb3429c01 - Torso Female Bodysuit, Dark Pink Trim, White Rabbit Head in Dark Pink Circle, 8 Dark Blue Vertical Stripes Pattern / Blue Arms / White Hands [6252440]
• 973pb3428c01 - Torso Silver Plate Armor, Orange and Yellow Circle, Yellow Highlights Pattern / Flat Silver Arms / Dark Bluish Gray Hands [6253986]
• 3626cpb2305 - Minifigure, Head Dual Sided Female, Black Eyebrows, Dark Pink Stripes on Cheeks, Left Eye Winking / Blowing Bubblegum Bubble Pattern - Hollow Stud [6252432]
• 3626cpb2304 - Minifigure, Head Dual Sided, White Eyebrows and Beard, White Left Eye with Slash Scar / Silver Mask with Yellow and Orange Visor Pattern - Hollow Stud [6253957]
• 98138pb095 - Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Overwatch Logo [6253980]

Other errors:
• Missing stickers: Sticker for Set 75973 - (49108/6252106)
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466 pieces
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9 months ago
i built the pink one on the left recolored it and named it iron monger one of iron mans enemies
5 months ago
Iron Monger doesn't look like that though....
5 months ago
*Also insert "sCrUbS, tHe ReNdErFaRm Is DoWn!" complaint here*
5 months ago
Why are there anime pics in the renders..?
5 months ago
@ A7X, I think it was a placeholder for renders because at the time this was posted, the renderfarm was down.
5 months ago
Those anime renders were 100 % spam. Scrubs already (luckily) deleted them.
5 months ago
Since when was the renderfarm down?
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